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Policy: XV.K.1

Issued: June 20, 1996

Owner: University Fire Safety Officer

Latest Revision:


1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines of the unified emergency response plan.

2.0 Policy [Top]

Realizing the extremely dangerous and potentially deadly consequences of fire, the University of Virginia is developing an aggressive program to address the various aspects of fire prevention and safety, and both internal and external communications related to fire situations. Part of this fire safety program is a "Unified Emergency Response Plan."

The Academic and Medical Center Divisions of the University have developed a "Unified Emergency Response Plan for reporting and responding to fires. It is a plan addressing internal communications between the primary departments that respond to fires. Such departments include the University Operators, Facility Management's System Control, the University Police, University Fire Safety, and senior administrators. Additionally, it outlines actions to be taken by the Charlottesville Fire Department as it responds to fire situations in either the Academic or Medical Center areas.

Although the Unified Emergency Response Plan is primarily for those offices directly responding to fire situations, there are certain practices which apply to all individual units (schools, colleges, and non-academic departments) and to employees. Such practices include:

The first person on the scene reports any confirmation of a fire (smoke, fire, etc.) to either the University Operator or to 9-911. The first person on the scene is to report findings (to the Fire Department, University Police, etc.), assist as requested, and remain at the scene until otherwise directed.

All Academic and Medical Center personnel must be aware that when the Fire Department arrives at the scene of a fire, THE FIRE DEPARTMENT IS IN CHARGE OF THE SCENE AND THE IMMEDIATE AREA. Only after the Fire Department has completed its duties will control be returned to the University Fire Safety Officer. The University Fire Safety Officer, in conjunction with the University Police, will release the facility or parts of the facility to the occupants when the area(s) is deemed safe or is no longer under investigation.

Questions on the Unified Emergency Action Plan or other fire safety matters should be directed to the University Fire Safety Office at 982-4914.

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