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Procedure: 10-32

Effective: May 16, 1988

Owner: Financial Reporting & Analysis

Latest Revision: July 6, 2016

Controlling Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) Items

Procedure Steps

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To provide guidance to departments on methods of controlling “Active” ETF items.

System References [Top]


Policy [Top]

Policy X.C.1, "Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)"

Responsibility [Top]


Distribution [Top]


Ownership [Top]


Procedure Steps [Top]

Organizations must adhere to the following guidelines in controlling all equipment purchased through the Equipment Trust Fund.

Terms of the ETF program require the University to exercise a high degree of control over ETF equipment. All ETF items are owned by the Virginia College Building Authority (VCBA), a State agency until the applicable bond is satisfied and full title is granted to UVA. Until that title is granted the ETF asset is considered to be “Active” (owned by VCBA).

·       All ETF asset tags will begin with the letter "E" (for UVA) and "CE" (for UVA Wise).

·       ETF equipment is expected to be used on-Grounds.

·       If off-grounds use is required, Fixed Assets Accounting (FAA) must be notified and an “Off-Grounds Certification request submitted and approved by FAA.

·       New ETF equipment must first be tagged by FAA to insure proper identification and internal control before relocating to an off-campus location.

·       If an ETF asset is being drop-shipped from the vendor to an off-grounds location, the FAA Group must be notified and special arrangements made for affixing ETF asset tags PRIOR to being shipped.

·       If an ETF asset needs to go out of the country, this requires both notification to FAA and to Export Control for their collective approval.

·       Each ETF tagged equipment must maintain its original integrity as a functional unit.  Components of  ETF functional units shall not be interchanged with any functional units.

·       The  organization purchasing the ETF equipment is  responsible for its  maintenance and inventory control.


1.     “Active” ETF items cannot be cannibalized or disposed of in any manner (sold, traded-in, etc). If disposal of an “Active” ETF item becomes necessary, please contact the Director of Fixed Assets Accounting  (924-4284).

2.     If an “Active” ETF item is ever lost, damaged, stolen, returned for credit or replaced (tagged or not tagged), etc., inform the Director of Fixed Assets Accounting immediately as “MISSING” ETF equipment must be replaced by the responsible org with non-ETF funding.

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