TITLE:  RESERVING THE ROTUNDA                     PROCEDURE: 15-90 

Policy Reference:              XV.I.1

Form:                          Rotunda Reservation Form

Obtain Blank Forms From:       Rotunda Administration,
                               The Rotunda, 924-1019, on the Web @

Forward Completed Forms To:    Rotunda Administration, The Rotunda 


To reserve the Rotunda for an event sponsored by a University of
Virginia department, UVA related foundation, special status student
organization, or contracted independent organization (CIO).

Reservation Fee Schedule

Potential users of the Rotunda should contact the Rotunda 
Administrator to obtain a current reservation fee schedule.


The numbered items on the sample form are self explanatory except
for the numbered items shown which should be completed as follows:

1.    Enter the start and ending times for the event; do not
      include set up and clean up time. Access/set-up times will be

      determined by the Rotunda Administration in conjunction with 

      the sponsor of the event.

2.    Indicate the room(s) to be reserved.

3.    Indicate the anticipated number of attendees (refer to
      occupant capacities reflected in Policy XV.I.1, Use of the   

      Rotunda").  Rotunda Administration reserves the right to move

      a group or limit attendance, should the number of attendees  

      exceeds the room capacity limits.

4.    Indicate the conference/audiovisual equipment (and/or musical

      instruments for a dinner event) to be used during the event. 

      Conference/audiovisual equipment, musical groups, and musical

      instruments are to be arranged by the sponsor of the event
      but require approval by the Rotunda Administration

5.    Provide a brief description of the event including an
      explanation of the relationship of the event to the
      University.   If the event is open to the public, a copy of
      the agenda/program is to be provided to Rotunda
      Administration within 24 hours of the event. Indicate whether
      the press is expected to be in attendance. A complete
      description of the event is required for confirmation of

6.    Only a UVA department, UVA related foundation, special status
      student organization, or contracted independent organization
      (CIO) may sponsor an event to be held in the Rotunda. 
      Identify the key contract person for the event under the
      "Sponsor Representative Name."  Sponsor or a representative
      of the sponsor must be present during the event to serve as a
      liaison with Rotunda and other University staff.

7.    A $50 security deposit is required at the time of reservation
      for a dinner.  Deposit for other evening events will be
      determined on an indivudual basis by the Rotunda
      Administrator.  The deposit will be deducted from the
      itemized bill sent to the sponsor following the event.  No
      refunds will be issued for events cancelled less than 30 days
      prior to the event.  Users are required to agree in advance
      to pay for damage done to the Rotunda as a consequence of
      their event.

      Departmental payments for all Rotunda use must be made using
      the Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) invoices.

      Checks from student organizations or foundations using the
      Rotunda must be made payable to "University of Virginia" and
      returned along with the completed reservation form to the
      Rotunda for processing.

      A confirmation copy of the reservation form will not be sent
      until the required security deposit is received by Rotunda
      Administration, payment must be received 30 days prior to the

Also see UVA Forms Directory ( for access to the
IDT e-form. 

ISSUED BY:                                                 08/17/98

Rotunda Administration    15.90.2