Procedure: 2-4

Effective: April 5, 1994

Owner: Accounting Services

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Preparation of Bank Account Authorization

Procedure Steps

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This form is to authorize the operation of all University of Virginia checking accounts.

The completed original should be attached to the "Request for Petty Cash, Petty Cash Checking, or Change Fund," if type of fund requested is a petty cash checking account.

Note: Effective July 1, 1994 the dollar limit on petty cash checking account requests is set at $2,500. Any requests requiring a fund balance greater than $2,500 wll require special written approval from the appropriate Dean or Vice President.

System References [Top]

Form: Bank Account Authorization

Obtain Blank Forms From: Fiscal Administrators, page 4.3.4, make copies as needed; or Accounting Services, Carruthers Hall 924-4294

Forward Completed Forms To: Accounting Services, Carruthers Hall

Policy [Top]

This procedure corresponds to, and should be read in conjunction with:

Policy II.E.1, "Establishment and Operation of a Bank Account."
Policy II.E.2, "Petty Cash, Petty Cash Checking and Change Funds."

Responsibility [Top]

Department 1. Completes form and forwards to Accounting Services.
Accounting Services 2. Approves form. Returns to department.
Department 3. Presents Authorization to bank when account is opened.
Bank 4. Certifies Authorization. Returns to Accounting Services.


Distribution [Top]


Ownership [Top]

Accounting Services is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Activity Preface


The numbered items on the sample form should be completed as follows:

1. Date form prepared.

2. Name of account. Note: All University accounts are prefixed by either
   "University of Virginia" or "UVA".

3. Purpose of account.

4. The expected length of time the account will be needed.

5. Name of department or activity, phone number and Messenger Mail address.

6. Signature, name, title of department or activity head.

7. Signature, name, title of individual(s) with checking account signatory authority.

8. Source of funds.



End of Activity


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