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Procedure: 3-2

Effective: September 10, 2001

Owner: University Budget Office

Latest Revision: April 5, 2002

Preparation of Request for Installment Creation
or Modification (ICOM) for Awards

Procedure Steps

Scope | System References | Policy | Responsibility | Distribution | Ownership


This procedure covers requesting the creation or modification of an award installment of a type that is monitored by the University Budget Office:

SA - State Auxiliary

LA - Local Auxiliary

SE - State ETF

LC - Local Chair

SG - State General

LG - Local General

SR - State Restricted

LO - Local Other

SS - State Sales & Services

LS - Local Sales & Services

This procedure does not cover requesting modification to other types of awards, nor does it cover creating new awards installments.

System References [Top]

Financial and Administrative Procedure 3-1 "Preparation of Request for New Award".

Policy [Top]

See University Policy FIN-022 Oversight of University Operating and Capital Budgets and Long-term Financial Plans

Responsibility [Top]

The Award Manager is responsible for preparing a request for the creation or modification of an award installment.

Distribution [Top]

Award Manager
University Budget Officer (GM Setup Specialist)

Ownership [Top]

The Director of the University Budget is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Procedure Steps [Top]

This activity is performed whenever an award installment, of a type that is monitored by the University Budget Office, (UBO) needs to be created or modified.

As always, an increase in one award must be offset with a decrease in another award. One exception is if the offset is to revenues or transfers budgeted in Oracle General Ledger, (OGL). In that situation, the second section of the Installment Creation Or Modification Form should be completed with the OGL information.

The UBO cannot decrease an award installment until the project funding and budgets have been reduced so steps 1-3 MUST precede step 4. Conversely, award and project managers cannot increase project funding or budgets until the installment is increased, so steps 10-12 cannot be completed before step 8.

Project Manager

1. The project manager must decrease the award budget being reduced; then submit and baseline the award budget.

2. The project manager must submit and baseline the project budget being reduced.

Award Manager

3. The award manager must reduce the funding of the project being reduced.

4. The award manager submits a form to the UBO to request the installment modification. Complete the "Request for Installment Creation or Modification (ICOM)" form, available as an Excel workbook, on the University Forms Directory.

5. If your department procedures require additional approval for creation or modification of an award installment, obtain that approval.

6. Submit the request form to the University Budget Office as an e-mail attachment. Send your request to:

University Budget Office

7. Review request and resolve any questions with the originator.

8. When all issues and questions have been resolved, create or modify the award installment using Oracle procedure "Creating and Revising an Award".

9. Notify the requestor that the requested installments are increased/decreased, and the related ICOM number

Award Manager

10. The award manager can increase the funding for the project being increased.

Project Manager

11. The project manager can increase the award budget; then submit and baseline the award budget.

12. The project manager can submit and baseline the project budget.


End of Activity

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