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See also Procedures:           4-30 and 4-32 through 4-36


To provide uniformity in payroll distribution throughout the

    Responsibility                          Action                 

                           Distribution of Payroll Checks

Departmental Payroll 
Distribution Officer       1.  Picks up payroll check envelopes for
                               department from the Regional Payroll 
                               Distributor BETWEEN 10:00 A.M. AND
                               11:00 A.M. on paydays.  Signs
                               Payroll Distribution List (UT-184)
                               under "Received."

                               NOTE:  Payroll Distribution Officer
                               should be prepared to present one
                               photo identification.

                               See also Procedure 4-34,
                               "Preparation of Regional Payroll
                               Distribution List."

                           2.  Compares Payroll Transmittal Form
                               (UT-192) to Check Receipt Lists and
                               payroll checks.

                               NOTE:  The total number of checks
                               should be the same for each and the
                               names on the checks should match the
                               names on the Check Receipt Lists.

                               NOTE:  All employees paid are
                               normally employees of the

                           3.  Completes Part 2 of Payroll
                               Transmittal Form  (UT-192).

                               See also Procedure 4-33,
                               "Preparation of Payroll Transmittal
                               Form (UT-192)."

    Responsibility                          Action                 

                           Distribution of Payroll Checks (Cont'd)

Departmental Payroll       4.  Immediately notifies Check
Distribution Officer           Distribution Supervisor, at 
                               924-4536, of any errors or    
                               suspected errors in checks received
                               or not received.

                           5.  Controls and safeguards checks at
                               all times.  Checks should be kept in
                               a secure, locked container when not
                               attended.  Only Payroll Distribution
                               Officers from his/her department
                               should have access to checks.

                           6.  Distributes checks to employees.    
                               Requires photo identification when
                               not personally acquainted with

                               Requires employee to sign his/her
                               full name on the Check Receipt List
                               for the pay period in question next
                               to printed name.

                               Gives employee the paycheck for
                               which he/she has signed, or 
                               Mailing of Payroll Checks

                           7.  Mails employee's paycheck when so
                               requested by employee on a properly
                               completed Paycheck Mailout Form 

                               See also Procedure 4-35,
                               "Preparation of Paycheck Mailout

                               Writes "mailed" next to employee's
                               name on Check Receipt List date, and
                               signs own name in full.

    Responsibility                          Action                 
                           Distribution of Payroll Checks to Third  

Departmental Payroll       8.  Distributes employee's paycheck to a
Distribution Officer           third party when so requested by
                               employee on a properly completed
                               Designation for Individual Paycheck
                               Pickup (UT-180).

                               See also Procedure 4-36,
                               "Preparation of Distribution Officer
                               Designation for Individual Paycheck

                               Requires third party sign full name
                               on Check Receipt List next to
                               employee's name and notes that this
                               is a third party picking up       
                               the check.

                              Handling of Erroneous Payroll Checks

                           9.  If a check is received for an
                               employee of the department who is
                               not due the check, it should be
                               returned to the Check Distribution  
                               Supervisor, Bursar's Office,
                               Carruthers Hall.  The check should
                               be stapled to a letter explaining
                               the circumstances and the action to
                               be taken.

                               The check should be returned on the
                               next Tuesday through the Regional
                               Payroll Distributor or hand
                               delivered to the Check Distribution
                               Section of the Bursar's Office.     
                               PAYROLL CHECKS SHOULD NOT BE SENT
                               THROUGH MESSENGER MAIL.

                          10.  Forwards a copy of the letter/s to
                               the Payroll Department in Carruthers

    Responsibility                          Action                

                           11. Notes on the corresponding Check
                               Receipt List that the check was
                               returned to the Bursar's Office and
                               the reason for the return.

                           12. Lists this check on the Payroll
                               Transmittal Form in the "Returned
                               Checks" section and notes date

                           Handling of Unclaimed Payroll Checks

Departmental Payroll 
Distribution Officer       13. Between 8:00 a.m and 9:00 a.m. on
                               the return date stamped on the
                               payroll envelope, returns all
                               unclaimed paychecks, payroll 
                               transmittal forms, and check receipt
                               lists TO THE REGIONAL PAYROLL
                               DISTRIBUTOR.  PAYROLL CHECKS SHOULD
                               NOT BE SENT THROUGH MESSENGER     

                               See also Procedure 4-32, "Processing 
                               Unclaimed Payroll Checks."

Regional Payroll           14. Delivers payroll envelopes
Distributor                    returned checks to the University
                               messenger who picks up locked
                               payroll bags between 10:00 a.m. and
                               11:00 a.m. each Tuesday.

ISSUED BY:                                                 07/17/89

University Bursar              4.31.4