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Procedure: 5-5 [Form]

Effective: July 9, 2001

Owner: Director of Accounting Services

Latest Revision: October 1, 2002

Direct Deposit Slip

Procedure 5-5

Directions for Filling Out Bank of America Deposit Slips


  1. Individual checks can be listed on the front of the deposit ticket, or two adding machine tapes can be run in place of the individual listing. If you are using the tape, please enter the total under “checks”.
  1. Above the gray box for the total deposit amount, the preparer should list their initials and phone extension.
  1. The Oracle Document Number should be listed along the side of the deposit ticket, by the deposit slip number.
  1. The deposit bag number, if applicable, should be listed under the Bank of America logo at the bottom of the deposit slip.
  1. IMPORTANT! Pretend there is a line running from the bottom of the gray amount box across the bottom of the slip over the micro encoded line. Do NOT write below this line, as it will interfere with the scanning of the deposit ticket.
  1. The deposit control number is included in the micro encoded line at the bottom of the deposit ticket. The eight digits on the left side go in the description field on the cash line of the Oracle entry.

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