Procedure: 6-102

Effective: July 2, 2001

Owner: Director of Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services

Latest Revision: July, 2018

Receiving Goods and Services

Procedure Steps

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This procedure describes the specific steps that departments need to take when receiving goods and services from outside vendors.

System References [Top]

The Oracle Navigations that correspond to this procedure are:

Policy [Top]

This procedure corresponds to, and should be read in conjunction with, FIN-038: Receiving Goods and Services and Timely Disbursement of University Funds.

Responsibility [Top]

The departmental PO Receiver, PO Purchaser, and PO Buyer Manager have the responsibility for accepting or rejecting goods and services purchased from outside vendors.

Distribution [Top]

Ownership [Top]

Please contact Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services with any questions about this procedure or related policy. Job aids covering receiving related tasks are available at (select “Receiving” from the subjects listed under the “Purchasing and Accounts Payable – I have a questions about:” heading.

Procedure Steps [Top]

Receiving Goods and Services

  • Departments are responsible for checking the invoice against the Purchase Order for consistency of price and quantity of items. Departments are also responsible for checking the received goods to make sure the right items were delivered in the agreed upon quantity and that they are not damaged or defective.

  • Departments must record the Purchase Order number and receipt date on the packing slip or other shipping documents of all received goods.

    Departments must keep these documents in their files for three years plus the current fiscal year.

  • Payment dates are calculated from the date the goods are received by the ordering department, or from the date a valid original invoice is received in Procurement Services, whichever is later.

  • For goods and services totalling less than $10,000, departments will not enter system receiving in Oracle. If there are any problems with the items received, departments have 10 business days to notify Accounts Payable in Procurement Services. If no problems with the order are reported within that time, the invoice will be paid. Departments should not contact or send any documentation to Accounts Payable if there are no problems with the items received.

  • For Purchase Orders totalling $10,000 or more, the departmental PO Receiver, PO Buyer Manager, or PO Purchaser must enter system receiving in Oracle. The PO Receiver, PO Buyer Manager, and PO Purchaser can receive, return, and make corrections to Purchase Orders as necessary.

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