TRANSFER INVOICES (IDT'S)                                 

Policy Reference:              VI.A.6

Form:                          Inter-Departmental Transfer Invoice
                               (IDT) (UVA AO-001)

Obtain Blank Forms From:       General Stores
                               Hospital Supply

Forward Completed Forms To:    General Accounting, Accounting
                               Operations, 924-4210. Submit
                               original plus one copy.


Use an IDT to:

     Transfer payments from one University account to another
     University account.

Do NOT use an IDT to:

     Pay or receive credit from other State agencies not part of
     the University of Virginia's financial accounting system.

     Transfer funds to foundation accounts, i.e., reimburse Ledger
     8 accounts for activities funded by foundations, except in
     approved situations when the original transaction was
     processed through University systems.

          See also Procedure 6-19, "Preparation of Interagency
          Transfer Invoices."


All IDT transfers and payments made within the University's
financial accounting system must be handled according to these
procedures.  This procedure applies to all transactions among the
three University of Virginia agencies below:

     University Division
     Clinch Valley College
     University Medical Center

Payments and Expenditure Reimbursements

Intra-University payments for goods and/or services rendered must
be submitted on an IDT.

     The charge (debit) should be made using an expenditure object

     The credit code will vary according to the nature of the
     department to be credited.

          Use an expenditure object code to reimburse another
          department for a shared cost.

          Use a recovery (09XXX) object code to pay a service
          department or storeroom.  Service departments exist
          primarily to furnish goods and services to other
          departments in the institution (Academic Computing,
          Printing Services, etc.)

          Use a revenue object code to pay an auxiliary enterprise. 
          Auxiliary enterprises exist primarily to furnish goods
          and services to students, faculty, and staff  (Dining
          Services, Housing, etc.)

If a distribution of revenue, or a correction of a revenue entry,is
to be effected, both the debit and credit object codes will be
revenue codes.  The IDT process may not involve personal service
transfers, but must follow the appropriate personnel/payroll


Explain the reason for the IDT in the description section.  If
correcting a previous transaction that has been entered in the
financial accounting system, the reference number and date of the
prior transaction must be shown on the IDT.

Sponsored Program Accounts

Special approval is required when a charge or credit is made to a
sponsored program account (Ledger 5) as the IDT must be processed
within a specified period of time.

See also Policy VIII.C.1, "Cost Transfers."


The numbered items on the sample form should be completed as

 1.  Indicate the complete name, messenger mail address and
     telephone number of the department whose funds are being
     CHARGED on the IDT.

 2.  Indicate the complete name and messenger mail address of the
     department whose funds are being CREDITED on the IDT.

 3.  Enter date that IDT is being prepared.

 4.  Complete as indicated and furnish a complete description of
     articles, services, or transactions.  For IDTs involving
     object codes 38XXX, please include as much of the following
     information as is available:

          Voucher ID number (from AMO91),
          Date paid,
          Vendor name,
          Description of equipment,
          Asset tag number,
          Original dollar amount of purchase price,
          New location of equipment (building and room number).

 5.  For retroactive transactions, or "other situations," please
     refer to Policy VI.A.1, "Disbursements, General Requirements."
     Include the approving signature of the department head,
     principal investigator, activity head, official designee,
     signifying that the transactions are appropriate.  If a direct
     charge IDT (e.g., Printing, P&T, etc.), department receiving
     credit approves IDT.  

 6.  Enter the complete 11-digit University Account Code(s) to be

 7.  Enter the total amount to be transferred per each account

 8.  Enter the complete 11-digit University Account Code(s) to be

 9.  This section may be used to identify unique billing
     information (e.g., Physical Plant Work Order No., General
     Stores Requisition No., etc.), or to refer to a previous
     transaction that is being corrected.

10.  This field may be used only with prior approval by the
     Department of Financial Analysis.

11.  These spaces are reserved and must be left blank.

ISSUED BY:                                               04/02/90

Assistant Comptroller,
Accounting Operations          6.18.4