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Procedure: 6-20

Effective:April 26, 2006

Owner: Associate Comptroller,
Revenue & Collections

Latest Revision:

Use of the University Travel Card

Procedure Steps

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This procedure describes the specific University-wide rules governing the use of the Travel Card. The topics covered in this procedure include: Getting a Travel Card, Requesting Card Cancellation, and Travel Card Security.

The University Travel Card may also be referred to as the “Corporate Travel Card.”

The Travel Card is not the University Purchasing Card. Please see the Purchasing Card Policy VII.C.3 for information on that program.

The process for requesting Traveler’s Checks is addressed in Procedure 6.21.


System References [Top]

Travel Card Program website

University Forms Directory

Travel Card Coordinator


Policy [Top]

VI.B.10 – University Travel Card


Responsibility [Top]

The University Travel Card applicant is responsible for obtaining and completing the required forms to secure a Travel Card.

The applicant’s supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving the Travel Card application.

The Travel Card Coordinator is responsible for verifying employment status of each applicant, placing the Travel Card request, and ensuring all necessary documents are received prior to issuing a Travel Card.


Distribution [Top]

All individuals traveling on University business.


Ownership [Top]

The Associate Comptroller of Revenue and Collections is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

The University Travel Card program is managed by the Travel Card Coordinator and the Accounts Receivable Manager in the Revenue and Collections department. The Travel Card Administrator issues cards, reviews all Travel Card purchases, and cancels cards as appropriate.

Both the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and the Medical Center have their own Travel Card programs. Foundation employees are not eligible to participate in this program.

Activity Preface

This program provides a convenient means of charging travel-related expenses incurred while conducting official University business. The card is a business travel card and, as such, is to be paid in full each month by the cardholder. The Travel Card is the primary means of obtaining advance funding for University-related travel.


Procedure Steps

Getting a Card

Prospective Travel Cardholders must complete and submit a Travel Card application. This form may be obtained from the University Forms Directory or from the Revenue and Collections website. All fields of the application must be completed, including the applicant signature and the signature of the applicants supervisor.

Once the application is completed, it must be forwarded to the Travel Card Coordinator. After it has been received and employment has been verified, the application will be sent to the appropriate card issuer.

Prior to receiving a Travel Card, the applicant must first complete training. This training is available online from the Revenue and Collections website. The applicant must also complete a Cardholder Agreement before a Travel Card will be issued.

The applicant will be notified by email when the card is ready. The Travel Card will only be issued to the cardholder; no other individual may pick up the Travel Card. Travel Cards will be available for pick up at the Cashier’s Office located on the lower level of Carruthers Hall. The Travel Cardholder must be present at the time of distribution, and must provide the following: photo identification, such as a Driver’s License or University ID, and a signed cardholder agreement.


Travel Card Security

The Travel Card may only be used by the person whose name appears on the face of the card. The Travel Card may never be loaned to another person.

Cardholders must never include their entire card number in an email or email attachment. Cardholders should include no more than the last six digits of their card number in any electronic communication.

Cardholders must never fax their card numbers. Cardholders may submit orders by fax, being sure to leave off their card number, and then call the vendor with their account number over the telephone.

Internet purchases must be made from secure websites only. A secure website uses a Secure Socket Layer Version 2.0 or greater Before submitting payment information to a web vendor, confirm that the small padlock icon in your browser window appears “locked” rather than “open” and that the URL in the address window of your browser begins with https://. Unless both of these conditions are present, do not use your Travel Card to place an order at that website.

If the Travel Card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify the credit card vendor at 1-866-834-3227 and the Travel Card Coordinator.


Card Cancellation

Cardholders must return their cards immediately upon the request of their supervisor or the Travel Card Coordinator. The Travel Card must also be returned whenever the cardholder is no longer employed by the University of Virginia.

Cardholders who wish to cancel their cards should contact the Travel Card Coordinator in Revenue and Collections by email. Active Travel Cards are automatically renewed unless the cardholder requests cancellation.

A Travel Card that has had no charges for over one year will be automatically deactivated.

Once a Travel Card has been deactivated or cancelled, the application process must be completed again to request a new Travel Card.

Changes to cardholder information should be sent via email to the Travel Card Coordinator. Specific examples would include: changing last name, department, or billing address.


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