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Procedure: 6-21

Effective:April 26, 2006

Owner: Associate Comptroller,
Revenue & Collections

Latest Revision:

Requesting Traveler’s Checks

Procedure Steps

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This procedure covers the step-by-step process to request Traveler’s Checks. Traveler’s Checks can only be issued to a University Travel Cardholder.

This activity is performed whenever Traveler’s Checks are needed to pay for reimbursable expenses incurred on official University travel. Traveler’s checks should only be used for expenses that cannot be billed directly to the University Travel Card or University Purchasing Card. An example of this would be paying for a taxi fare.

The amount of the purchased Traveler’s Checks will be billed onto the University Travel Cardholder’s account. As with all other Travel Card purchases, the Cardholder is responsible for timely payment to the credit card issuer for the amount purchased.

Travel Card processes separate from Traveler’s Checks are addressed in Procedure 6.20.


System References [Top]

Traveler’s Checks website

Travel Card Program website


Policy [Top]

VI.B.10 – University Travel Card

VI.B.12 – List of Individuals who may authorize their own Traveler’s Check Request Form


Responsibility [Top]

The University Travel Cardholder is responsible for obtaining the Traveler’s Check request form and completing all sections of the form prior to requesting Traveler’s Checks at the Cashier’s Office in Carruthers Hall. Forms are available on the University Forms Directory and from the Revenue and Collections website.

Traveler’s Checks are available at the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of Carruthers Hall. The University Travel Cardholder must be present at the time of distribution, and must provide the following to the Cashier: the original request form, signed by all required parties; their University Travel Card; and photo identification, such as a Driver’s License or University ID.


Distribution [Top]

All Travel Cardholders traveling on University business.


Ownership [Top]

The Associate Comptroller of Revenue and Collections is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

The University Traveler’s Check program is managed by the Travel Card Coordinator and the Accounts Receivable Manager in the department of Revenue and Collections. The University Cashier’s Office distributes Traveler’s Checks.

Both the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and the Medical Center have their own Traveler’s Check programs. Foundation employees are not eligible to participate in this program.



1. Complete the Traveler’s Check Request Form following these instructions:

  • Locate the current version Traveler’s Checks Request Form from the University of Virginia Forms Directory or from the Revenue & Collections Travel Card website.
  • Enter the Traveler Information section of the form, including: Traveler’s Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Department Name, and PO Box mailing address.
  • Enter the Travel Information section of the form, including: Dates of Travel, Destination(s), Purpose, and the Amount of Traveler’s Checks requested.
  • Enter the Name and Title of the Traveler’s Supervisor into the Department Head Approval section.
  • Print your form with all of your information entered.
  • Review the Traveler’s Check Regulations section of the form.
  • Review the Traveler’s Agreement section, then sign and date the appropriate fields.
  • Forward the otherwise completed form to the Traveler’s Supervisor and ask him/her to review the Department Head Approval section, then sign and date that as well.

2. Present the completed Traveler’s Check Request Form to the Cashiers Office in Carruthers Hall. Be sure to also bring your University Travel Card and photo identification. Reminder: Traveler’s Checks will only be disbursed to the University Travel Cardholder.

3. In compliance with audit requirements, a copy of each completed Traveler’s Check Request Form will be forwarded to the Department Head where the request originated from as well as the Director of Internal Audit. The request form will be reviewed to validate that the individual who approved the advance was authorized to do so and will be retained in departmental records to respond to future State and Internal Audit inquiries.


End of Activity

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