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Procedure: 6-30

Effective: October 18, 2001

Owner: Human Resources

Latest Revision:

Preparation of Employment Agreement
for Moving Expenses

Procedure Steps

Scope | System References | Policy | Responsibility | Distribution | Ownership


This procedure covers the steps for completing the Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement form.

This form establishes a contract between a new employee being permanently relocated and the University of Virginia concerning employment and the reimbursement of moving expenses.

System References [Top]

Form -- Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement
Available from UVA Forms Directory. (Payroll)
Make copies as needed.

Policy [Top]

Policy FIN-013, "Reimbursement of Moving and Relocation Expenses"

Responsibility [Top]

The employee is responsible for completing the Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement, and for obtaining the appropriate department approvals.

Distribution [Top]

University employees
Deans and Department Heads

Ownership [Top]

UVA Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Procedure Steps

NOTE: Employees must be added to the payroll and finance systems prior to any reimbursement of moving expenses. Therefore, reimbursement of moving expenses prior to the new employee orientation requires early submission of the I-9 to Human Resources and the W-4 and VA-4 to Payroll.


1. Complete each blank item(s) as stated on form.

Note: Paragraph two of the agreement states the total amount the University will pay on behalf of the employee and also how much of this total amount may be reimbursed directly to the employee.

2. Forward completed original form to:

Chief Human Resources Officer (University) or
Associate Director of Finance, Medical Center, as appropriate for approval.

The executed agreement will be retained by the Payroll Department (University) or the Associate Director of Finance (Med. Center) and a copy will be returned to the department. A copy should be forwarded to the employee, and must accompany each claim for reimbursement.

End of Activity


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