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Procedure: 6-31

Effective: October 15, 2001

Owner: Human Resources

Latest Revision:

Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Procedure Steps

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This procedure covers the steps for completing the Moving and Relocation Expense Summary Form.

System References [Top]

Form -- Moving and Relocation Expense Summary
Available from UVA Forms Directory. (Payroll)
Make copies as needed.

Policy [Top]

Please see the following related polices:

Responsibility [Top]

Summary Background

The Moving and Relocation Expense Summary Form should be initiated by the employee, who should always be aware of the status of all expense claims and payments. The reports must be numbered consecutively and the cumulative totals forwarded to the next report, so that the latest summary reflects the aggregate reimbursement to date.

The Payroll Department must review and approve all summary reports. A sufficient number of copies of each summary report and supporting documentation should be retained by the employee for income tax reporting.

The Payroll Department will process all approved taxable reimbursements (lines A through E) through the payroll system; payments will be included in employees’ regular paychecks. The Payroll Department will also process all approved non-taxable reimbursements (lines F through H) as pay vouchers in the finance system; these payments will be directly deposited in employees’ accounts.

The Accounts Payable/Procurement Services Department will process purchase orders for payments to third-party commercial moving companies. These payments should be reported on the Expense Summary (line F) but no approval or review by the Payroll department is necessary.

Distribution [Top]

University Employees
University Payroll
University Procurement Services

Ownership [Top]

UVA Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Procedure Steps

NOTE: This form is NOT to be used for INTERVIEWING EXPENSES. Departments should reimburse interview expenses through the travel policy and procedures. See also Policy VI.G.1, "Travel Expenses."

See also Procedure 6-101, "Preparing Payment Vouchers" for information on reimbursement of travel expenses.

NOTE: Employees must be added to the payroll and finance systems prior to any reimbursement of moving expenses. Therefore, reimbursement of moving expenses prior to the new employee orientation requires early submission of the I-9 to Human Resources and the W-4 and VA-4 to Payroll.


The final expenditure totals CANNOT exceed the authorized amount on the Employment Agreement. Following are detailed instructions for preparing the Moving and Relocation Expense Summary. The items on the form should be completed as follows:

  1. MOVING AND RELOCATION EXPENSE SUMMARY: AN ORIGINAL must be submitted with each claim for reimbursement or request for payment of moving and relocation expenses along with THE ORIGINAL OF REQUIRED RECEIPTS AND ONE COPY OF THE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT.

  2. DEPARTMENT: Enter the name of the employing department and the PATEO to be charged. Required.

  3. EMPLOYEE NAME: Enter full name.


  5. NEW HOME ADDRESS: Enter the address (Street, City, State and Zip Code) of the new PERMANENT residence. Required.

  6. SIGNATURES: Employee and department head must sign in ink certifying the information is correct and conforms with any expense reimbursement agreement. Required.

  7. DATE: Enter submission date.

  8. TOTAL ALL PRIOR REIMBURSEMENTS: For each applicable category (A thru H) claimed on all prior summary submissions, enter the gross amount claimed. Total the amounts in each column as indicated.

  9. TOTAL THIS REPORT: For each applicable category (A thru H) claimed by this submission, enter the gross amount of expenses. Total the amounts in each column as indicated.

  10. CUMULATIVE TOTAL: For each category (A thru H), add "Total Prior Reimbursements" to "Total This Report" (item 8 plus 9) and enter in cumulative total (item 10). These cumulative totals are to be carried forward to the next summary report. Total the amounts in each column as indicated.

  11. NUMBER OF HOUSEHUNTING TRIPS, CURRENT: Enter the number of househunting trips claimed on this report, i.e., those trips not previously claimed. (Line A).

  12. NUMBER OF HOUSEHUNTING TRIPS, CUMULATIVE: Enter the total number of househunting trips associated with this move to date, including the number claimed in item 16. (Line A).

  13. NUMBER OF NIGHTS, CURRENT: Enter the number of overnight stays due to househunting represented on this report, i.e., the number of stays not previously claimed. (Line A).

  14. NUMBER OF NIGHTS, CUMULATIVE: Enter the total number of overnight stays due to househunting associated with the move to date, including the number claimed in item 18. (Line A).

  15. TEMPORARY QUARTERS, DATES FROM AND TO: Enter the temporary quarter's starting and ending dates claimed for reimbursement on this report. (Line B).

  16. HOME SELLING/PURCHASE EXPENSES: Enter the allowable home purchase expenses for the employee's new, primary residence. Attach supporting documentation. (Line C).

  17. TRAVEL - MILEAGE 22.5 > PER MILE: Taxable portion of mileage which the University reimburses to new employees (for example for househunting trips prior to final relocation). Calculated as follows: [Total mileage allowance (32.5 >) less nontaxable portion (10 >) equals taxable mileage (22.5 >)] [multiplied by the number of miles traveled.] (Line D).

  18. OTHER: Include other reimbursable moving expenses, such as meals and home selling expenses. (Line E)

  19. SUB-TOTAL - TAXABLE EXPENSES (A-E): Enter totals for all columns for entries in rows A - E. THESE WILL BE THE AMOUNTS REIMBURSED AND ADDED TO ANNUAL INCOME.

  20. TRANSPORTATION BY COMMON CARRIER PAID FOR BY UVA(including 30 days storage): Include amount of purchase order. (Line F).

  21. SELF-MOVE (Other than by common carrier paid by UVA): Include expenses of rental vehicles or expenses paid to common carriers by employees. (Line G).

  22. TRAVEL FROM FORMER TO NEW RESIDENCE: Enter the cost of travel and lodging, excluding meals, from the old to the new home. Use 10 > per mile. (Line H).

  23. DATE EMPLOYED AT NEW POSITION: Enter effective date the employee was assigned or transferred to the University of Virginia at the new work location. Usually this is the first day of work at the new location.

  24. DATE AGREEMENT SIGNED: Enter date employment agreement was signed.

  25. THIS IS REIMBURSEMENT #: Enter the next consecutive number for this summary report. For each reimbursement, a summary report must be completed and numbered in the consecutive order. Required.

  26. THIS IS FINAL REIMBURSEMENT: Circle whether this is or is not the final summary report. Required.


Forward completed forms to:

Payroll Department, as follows:

Moving and Relocation Expense Summary -- Original

Employment Agreement -- One executed copy

Receipts -- Original


End of Activity


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