Procedure: 7-104

Effective: July 2, 2001

Owner: Director of Procurement Services

Latest Revision: June, 2001

Payment of a Moving Agent with a Purchasing Order

Procedure Steps

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This procedure describes how a University employee may contract a moving agent with a Purchase Order. By using this option, the employee does not have to pay the moving agent out of personal funds.

System References [Top]

This procedure should also be read in conjunction with the following closely related procedures:

The form used with this procedure is:

    • Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement

All required forms must be filled out according to the instructions provided on the most recent copy of the form itself. The most recent version of this form may be obtained from the University Forms Directory.

The Oracle Navigation instructions that correspond to this procedure are:

A list of contract movers and other information on employee moving and relocation may be found on the Procurement Services web site.

Policy [Top]

This procedure corresponds to, and should be read in conjunction with the following policies:

    • Moving and Relocation Documentation, Moving Expense Reimbursement -- Policy VI.C.4
    • Moving Expense Reimbursement Limits -- Policy VI.C.3
    • Moving Expense Employment Agreement, Moving Expense Funding, Interview Expenses -- Policy VI.C.2

Responsibility [Top]

At the departmental level, the responsibility for preparing Purchase Requisitions is assigned to the PO Requester and PO Purchaser. Departmental approval for the submission of a Purchase Requisition to Procurement Services may be assigned to the departmental PO Requester, PO Purchaser, or to others.

Procurement Services' Buyers have been assigned the PO Buyer responsibility in Oracle which enables them to approve or deny departmental Purchase Requisitions.

Distribution [Top]

Ownership [Top]

Please see the Procurement Services web site for additional information and news about any recent changes in policy or procedure affecting Payment of a Moving Agent with a Purchase Order.

Procedure Steps [Top]


The department or the employee should consult the Procurement Services web site for a current list of contract moving companies.

The employee should obtain three estimates from the contracted firms if possible and forward the estimates to Department Head.

The employee should then complete the Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement. This form requires the signature of the employee, the Dean or Department Head, and the Chief Human Resource officer. Medical Center employees will also need to obtain the signature of the Medical Center's Associate Director of Finance.

The department should forward documentation for the three estimates and the completed Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement to the Human Resources office. The department should also prepare and submit a Purchase Requisition.

Procurement Services will prepare and submit a Purchase Order.

Note: The employee may choose the moving agent in consultation with a buyer in Procurement Services. The employee is responsible for making all specific moving arrangements (e.g. times for pick up and delivery, etc.) and for resolving any damage claims directly with the moving agent. The employee will be held responsible for paying any amounts over and above the agreed totals on the Moving Expense Reimbursement and Employment Agreement.

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