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Procedure: 7-30

Effective: September 9, 1987

Owner: Manager of Communication Services

Latest Revision: May 19, 2011


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University of Virginia Telephone Service Request (CC-37) Form
This form is used ONLY to request new telephone service from CenturyLink or changes to existing CenturyLink Service.

System References [Top]

Policy [Top]

Policy FIN-011, "Coordination and Approval of Telephone Services"

Responsibility [Top]

Obtain blank form from: ITC Communications Services, Carruthers Hall (924-4148), or Communication Services, McKim Hall (924-5963).
Forward completed form to: ITC Communication Services, PO Box 400196, Carruthers Hall

Distribution [Top]

Ownership [Top]

ITC Communication Services, Carruthers Hall

Activity Preface

The numbered items on the sample form should be completed as follows:
1.      Enter requestor's name and date of the request.
2.      Enter the requestor's department and messenger mail address.
3.      Identify need by checking appropriate line; specify "other."
4.      Specify the CenturyLink Special Bill Number associated with the line and/or equipment to be serviced.
5.      Indicate the exact location of the service need.
6.      Enter the name and telephone number of the contact person.
7.      Briefly explain why the requested service is necessary. If a direct cost to Sponsored Programs is involved, ensure all requirements are met.
8.      Indicate the additional monthly charge and the installation/relocation charge, obtained from CenturyLink.
9.      Enter the PTAO to be charged or credited and the date service is required.
10.  Sign the funds availability certification.

End of Activity

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