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Procedure: 7-82

Effective: February 6, 2004

Owner: Director of Risk Management

Latest Revision:

Reimbursing Housing Resident Claims

Procedure Steps

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To promptly reimburse those authorized residents who have experienced a monetary loss to tangible personal property (property damage) as a result of an act or an omission of an act of an employee performing his/her duties.



This reimbursement procedure shall apply only to those incidents involving damage to or theft of personal property of $500 or less.

Claims involving bodily injury or personal property damage over $500 are excluded from this procedure. See Procedure 7-80.

System References [Top]

Policy [Top]

Reimbursement of Housing Resident Claims
-- Policy VII.H.2

Ownership [Top]

The Director of Risk Management is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.

Procedure Steps [Top]

Responsibility Action

Housing Resident


1. Notifies Housing of damage to property.


  2. Provides Housing with:

a. A detailed listing and description of each item.


b. Approximate date of purchase and purchase cost.


c. If repairable, a repair estimate.


d. If irreparable, a statement from a vendor indicating such and a replacement estimate.


Housing Department 3. Completes an Incident Report Form (IRF). See Procedure 7-80.
a. Includes complete details of incident causing damage.

b. Includes photographs of damaged items, if possible.



4. Completes a payment voucher, using Housing funds, to reimburse the resident for damage. See Procedure 6-4.



5. Forwards IRF, photos, and Payment Voucher for authorization/approval to:

Office of Risk Management
PO Box 400205
FAX: 982-2635


Risk Management


6. Determines if the claim is justified. If so, authorizes the payment voucher for payment.





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