EQUIPMENT REQUISITION                                      

Policy Reference:              VIII.E.3

Form:                          DOD Industrial Plant Equipment
                               Requisition (DD Form 1419)

Obtain Blank Forms From:       The sponsoring government agency.

Forward Completed Forms To:    Office of Sponsored Programs,
                               Carruthers Hall, for processing to
                               the sponsoring government agency. 
                               See requirements stated below.

          Purpose                          Requirements           

Receive government equipment,    Forward a DD Form 1419.  Attach
or relinquish government         a Grant and Contract Change
equipment to third parties.      Request, Form SP-23,
                                 (Procedure 8-15).

Request authorization to         Forward a DD Form 1419 with 
purchase the following types     a Grant and Contract Change
of equipment on DOD/NASA         Request, Form SP-23,
contracts and grants:            (Procedure 8-15).

-Automated data processing       Note:  A copy of the DD Form-
 equipment costing $25,000       1419 which has been signed and
 or more, (also attach DD        returned by the sponsor must    
 Form 1815).*                    be attached to the Purchase
-Equipment items controlled      Requisition submitted to    
 by the Defense Industrial       Purchasing and Materials 
 Plant Equipment Center          Services.
 (DIPEC) costing $10,000 
 or more,
-Equipment items for NASA 
 contracts costing $5,000 
 or more.

Space for "Requisition Number" should be left blank.

* Contract OSP for copies and instructions.

The numbered items on the sample form should be completed as

 1.  Leave blank.

 2.  Enter manufacturer's name.

     2a.  Complete as stated.                                      

 3.  Leave blank.

 4.  Leave blank.

 5.  Complete as stated.                                           

 6.  Indicate if physical inspection is required before acceptance.

 7.  Include if needed for description.

 8.  Enter complete detailed description so reader can decide on

 9.  Enter University's name and address.

10.  Enter contract number authorizing item.

     10a.  Enter contract date.

11.  Leave blank.

12.  Enter "x" in contractor block.

13.  Indicate the item's purpose; if classified, so state.

14.  Complete as stated.

15.  Enter date by which non-availability must be known.

16.  Leave blank.

17.  Insert the word "research."

18.  Indicate as appropriate; if "yes", enter contract
     appropriation data.

19.  Leave blank.

20.  Enter name of Director, Office of Sponsored Programs.

21.  Complete as stated.

22.  Complete as stated.

23. to 41.  Leave blank. 

42.  Complete as required.

43.  Enter principal investigator's name.

44.  Complete as stated.

45.  Complete as stated.

46.  Indicate address to which item is to be shipped.

47.  Leave blank.

48.  Enter principal investigator's name and address.

49.  Leave blank.

50.  Complete as required.

51.  Complete as required.

ISSUED BY:                                                 06/11/91
Assistant Comptroller, 
Financial Analysis