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Travel Card Program

Application Process

The application process for the University Travel Card is a three step process.

Step 1:

Print and complete the Commonwealth of Virginia Bank of America Employee Paid Travel Card Agreement form. After the form as been signed by BOTH the employee and the supervisor send the form back via messenger mail to:

Dan Ralston
PO Box 400204
Carruthers Hall

Step 2:

Employees applying for University Travel Cards must complete the online training before their applications will be submitted for final approval by Bank of America. The University Travel Card training can be found at on the Travel Card Training page.

Once the Employee Paid Travel Card Agreement form has been approved and the training has been completed a "Welcome" email will be sent to the employee inviting them to apply for the card. Employees should note that the email will not come from a UVA email address and depending how the employees email security is set up may go strait to your spam box. The email will originate from Works []. The e-mail subject will read,”Employee Paid Travel Card Application - Welcome to the Works application!”

Step 3:

Once the employee has received the "Welcome" email they should follow the instructions outlined in the email. The email will provide a link to the Bank of America application website where they will complete the application process. IF there are any questions, employees should first consult the Individual Liability Card Setup Manual. If additional information is needed they can contact the University Travel Card Administrator listed below.

Questions about the University of Virginia's Travel Card Program? Contact Dan Ralston at: or 434-924-4461, P.O. Box 400204.