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Incoming Wire / ACH Payments

Banking Information Request

The University's banking and routing information for sending incoming wire/ACH payment(s) must be requested via email from the Banking Relations Manager. This information is not posted on our website to protect the University's financial interests.

Reminder: Please send an email to the Bank Payments Specialist as directed on the Claiming Incoming Wire/ACH Payments section whenever an incoming wire/ACH payment is expected. Requesting the University's banking information does not fulfill this requirement.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact the Banking Relations Manager.

Please provide the following information in an email to the Banking Relations Manager:

  • Type of Request:
    • ACH (US Bank, US Dollars only); or
    • Incoming Wire (Foreign Bank, US Dollars).
  • Vendor Name (who is requesting this information)
  • Estimated Amount of Payment (if available)
  • Department Contact Information
    • Department Name
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Title
    • Contact Email Address
    • Contact Phone Number

Questions about the University of Virginia's Incoming Wires/ACH Payments? Please visit our Staff page to find the best contact.