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State Funding

In 1980, states provided 46 percent of the operating support for public colleges and universities, according to the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities. By 2005, average support had fallen to 27 percent. That being said, the University of Virginia receives far less state funding per student than most of its public peers.

In 2011–12, the Commonwealth of Virginia's General Fund appropriation per in-state full- time equivalent (FTE) student at U.Va. was $8,566, well below that of peer institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which received $22,105 per in-state FTE student.

2011–12 Academic Year*

State Funding per In-State FTE Student

UNC Chapel Hill $23,792, Georgia Tech $20,656, Maryland $17,337, UM Ann Arbor $15,380, Florida $15,062, Nebraska $13,406, U.Va. $9,445

*Most recent figures available