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Research Grants

Faculty research, through direct and indirect grant support from federal and state agencies, corporations and private foundations, provided approximately $311.1 million of the University's budget in 2012–13. Although faculty members in all schools at the University are successful at winning grant support, some 60 percent of the University's research dollars finance work in the School of Medicine.

Research grants provide funds for lab space and equipment, graduate fellowships, the maintenance of academic buildings, and the overall operation of the University. They sustain the work of eminent scholars whose research enriches their teaching and promotes technology transfer, leading to new inventions and treatments that can generate additional revenue for the University while benefiting the public. In addition to fostering discoveries that advance knowledge and improve the human condition, research funding, public and private, raises the University's national academic standing and enhances the educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

However, given the end of supplemental funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and continuing global economic weakness, the stability of future federal funding for basic research, as well as for facilities and administrative cost recoveries and for financial aid, is in doubt.

2012-13 Research Grants*

All University Divisions $311.1 Million

Research Grants 12.8%

Academic Division $310.3 Million


Research Grants 23.9%

*Includes facilities and administrative cost recoveries