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Scholarship Searches

In addition to the many non-University scholarships referenced below, we encourage students and parents to visit the Parents Committee website where information about many opportunities is available.

There are many free publications and Internet searches available to students. Student Financial Services advises students and parents not to pay for any scholarship searches and to be aware of scholarship scams. Following are some reputable organizational web sites that provide scholarship searches:

College Answer
College Board
College Connection
DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program
Gates Millennium Scholars
Graduate Fellowship Programs
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
International Scholarships
Military Scholarships
Scholarship America
SRN Express
Unusual Scholarships
UVA Scholarships & Fellowships
Virginia Space Grant Scholarships


Non-University Scholarship Applications

Listed below are some Non-University Scholarships Applications that have been sent to Student Financial Services.

Gifted Scholarship in Neuroscience Award January 8th
Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship January 10th
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship January 8th
Army Center of Military History Fellowship January 15th
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Scholarship January 15th
Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship January 16th
Continental Societies Inc Scholarship January 29
Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation Scholarships and Grants February 1st
Force and Motion Academic Scholarship February 1st
Accenture The New American Workforce Scholarship February 1st
Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship February 1st
Graduate STEM Research Fellowship February 7th
Undergraduate Stem Research Scholarship February 7th
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships February 8th
Watson-Brown Scholarship February 15th
United Negro College Fund USA Funds Scholarships February 15th

Swedish Women's Educational Association Scholarship

February 15th
Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship (Graduate students only) February 22nd
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship February 23rd
Government Finance Officers Association February 24th
United Negro College Fund Union Scholars Program February 28th
Hollymead Fire Rescue Live-In Program February 28th
Air Force Officers' Wives' Club of Washington, D.C. March 1st
Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District March 11th
The Arts Club of Washington's 2013 Scholarship March 11th
Dan David Prize March 15th
Ashe (American Society for Highway Engineers) Scholarship March 16th
The Society of American Military Engineers Scholarship March 16th
Virginia Latino Higher Education Network March 27th
Maxine L. Black Endowed Scholarship Application (Educational Advancement Foundation) March 30th
Dorothy J Hall Scholarship March 31st
Gamma Alpha Scholarship 2010 March 31st
U.S. Bank Scholarship March 31st
Architecture and Drafting Scholarship April 1st
Buffett Fellowships for Summer 2011 April 1st
Computer Science Academic Scholarship April 1st
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Scholarship April 1st April 1st
Liberal Arts and General Studies Scholarship April 1st
Undergraduate Distance Learning Scholarship April 1st
VALS- scholarship for legal professionals April 1st
WyzAnt College Scholarships April 1st
J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Scientific Scholarship April 6th
Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance Aggregate Producer Scholarship April 13th
Orazio DiMauro Foundation April 15th
Jewish Educational Loan Fund April 15th
WIIT Scholarship Program April 15th
Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship April 16th
Ladies Board Nursing Scholarship April 17th
Surety Foundation April 30th
John Gyles Education Scholarship May 1st
SunTrust Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes May 11th
STEM Scholarship May 11th
Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance Transportation Engineering Scholarship May 11th
Health Focus of Southwest Virginia May 15th
Center for Student Opportunity May 25th
B. Davis Scholarship May 28th
Education Foundation of the Engineers Club of Hampton Roads Scholarship June 12th
Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants June 15th
BigSun Scholarship June 21st
ASCO Numatics Scholarship June 30th
StorageMart ScholarSmarts Scholarship June 30th
Blount, Meiller, Bragg, Rush and Johnston Scholarships June 30th
Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Foundation July 31st

America's Top Namer Scholarship
Scholarship Terms and Conditions

August 15th
Mary Blackwell Barnes Memorial Scholarship August 31st
Stillfried/Godsey Memorial Scholarship October 1st
AES Engineers Scholarship October 4th
Noet Humanities Scholarship October 31st
HSF/Marathon Oil Corporation November 1st
Hispanic Scholarship Fund November 1st
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts November 8th
National Physical Science Consortium Fellowships November 5th
Si The New American Workforce Scholarship and Internship Program November 15th
SMART Scholarships for America's Future Scientists and Engineers December
ENTITLE DIRECT College Tips Scholarship Contest December 7th
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarships December 14th
Saint Andrew's Scholarship December 15th
Humane Studies Fellowships December 31st
AfterCollege Scholarships December 31st
ARMY Spouse and Children Scholarship No Due Date
National Research Council of the National Academies Various Dates
Virginia Space Grant Consortium Scholarships Various Dates
Alumni Association's Scholarship Various Dates
National Society of Professional Engineers Various Dates
Sallie Mae Scholarships Various Dates
Intern for Liberty Various Dates
Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships Various Dates
Opportunities in Film & Fiction Various Dates
Albert K. Murray Scholarship Various Dates
US Bank Internet Scholaship Various Dates
Ace Mentor Program Various Dates
Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Various Dates
Navy Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Programs Various Dates
University of Virginia Career Services Internship Grants Various Dates
National Research Council Research Associateship Program Various Dates




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