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Graduate Students

2011-2012 Academic Year

General Information

All fellowships, assistantships, and other grants and scholarship awards available to graduate students are administered by the various University departments or schools. Students seeking financial aid should apply directly to their department or school for assistance first before considering Federal financial aid programs and alternative loans.

•   In general, graduate students may receive up to $20,500 in Federal Direct Student Loans (combined subsidized and unsubsidized amounts) for each loan year.  The award period for these programs are Summer 2011/Fall 2011 (Loan Year One) and Spring 2012 (Loan Year Two).  For the 16 month MS/MIT program, Summer 2012 is considered to be part of Loan Year Two
•   Students may receive a Graduate PLUS loan or a private loan for up to the difference between the student’s budget and any other resources including Direct Student Loans.
•   Please note that the total of all financial assistance, including departmental awards, tuition remission and employer contribution, cannot exceed the estimated Cost of Attendance Budget.

How To Apply

  1. Apply for a U.S. Department of Education personal identification number (PIN) if you don't already have one. Your PIN will allow you to electronically "sign" financial aid applications and federal loan promissory notes. Apply for a PIN online at

  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2011-12.

    MS/MIT students in the 16 month program ONLY must also complete the 2012-13 FAFSA after January 1, 2012. The FAFSA is available at

    The University of Virginia's school code for the FAFSA is 003745.

  3. Submit a University of Virginia Financial Aid Application.

    This application is available on-line in the Student Center of the Student Information System.   Students are encouraged to print out and complete the Graduate Financial Aid Application Worksheet to assist the student in completing the on-line application. 

    Access to the system is available through the Student Portal.  You will receive an e-mail from the Graduate School to which you have applied supplying your log in instructions.  Once you have received that information, log in using your University computing ID, and the password you created.  Once in the system, click on Self Service.  Then click on the link to the Student Center.   Go to the Finances section and find the link to Apply Financial Aid for 2011-2012. DO NOT COMPLETE THE CSS/PROFILE APPLICATION, AS THIS WILL DELAY THE PROCESSING OF YOUR FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION.

  4. Some students will be notified by e-mail or in writing that they have been selected for verification.

    Please check your SIS Student Center “To Do” list for requested information. If you have been selected for verification our office is required to verify the information you reported on your FAFSA. To complete this process, please submit the Graduate Verification form to our office as soon as possible.

    2011-2012 Graduate Verification Form

  5. Submit copies of your 2010 tax documents (Form 1040 with attached schedules, 1040A, or 1040 EZ; W-2 forms) ONLY if we have requested them. Otherwise you do not need to send them.  For example, for 2011-2012, please submit the 2010 Federal tax forms.  Independent students are required to submit both their spouse's (if applicable) and their income tax documents.

    If you will not file an income tax return please complete the applicable form(s) below:

    2011-2012 Student Non-Tax Filer Statement

What Happens Next?

Your FAFSA will be sent to us electronically. We will review it, and if necessary, request additional documentation to verify your information. Once we receive and review all of your information, we will post your award information on the SIS, detailing your financial aid package.

Receiving Outside Scholarships

If you will receive outside scholarships, you must notify us either when completing the University Financial Aid Application, you may notify us in the SIS, under the Finances section, Report Other Financial Aid.

Non-University awards include all scholarships and grants awarded by agencies other than our office, such as Tuition Benefits/Reimbursements, and any scholarships or grants awarded by churches, fraternities & sororities, corporations, professional or civic organizations.




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