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Appeal process and the role of the Academic Dean or Advisor

The Department of Education does not believe it is appropriate for students who are not making progress towards program completion to continue to receive Title IV, HEA aid. Students who experience circumstances that interfere with their ability to meet the satisfactory academic progress standards may appeal their SAP status. The intent of the appeal process is to provide information to the Student Financial Services Appeals Committee that is not captured on the student’s academic record but has impacted the student’s academic progress.

Students who appeal their SAP status must provide a detailed explanation for why they are not making satisfactory academic progress despite multiple opportunities to do so and must also present convincing evidence of their ability to meet the SAP standards and to finish their degree program. The satisfactory academic progress policy does not limit the number of times students may appeal an SAP status during a student's career; however, it is the Student Financial Services Appeals Committee’s objective to ensure that Title IV, HEA aid is awarded to students who demonstrate an ability to complete their degree program.

The satisfactory academic progress policy continues to include an Academic Advisor Support form as part of the appeal process. This form allows the dean to comment on the student’s special circumstances, to discuss the changes or resolutions the student has made to address the challenges he/she faces, and to remark on the probability of the student’s ability to succeed academically.  

In addition, the policy requires the student to submit an academic plan that has been developed by the academic dean and the student. The academic plan must demonstrate how the student will meet the SAP standards by a specific point in time. The satisfactory academic progress policy allows a student’s appeal to be approved based upon the student following the academic plan. If the student deviates from the academic plan, he/she will have their financial aid eligibility suspended. Consequently, it is critical for the academic plan submitted to reflect realistic and attainable goals for the student.

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