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Example questions discussed among the Student Financial Services Appeals Committee when reviewing an appeal

    • Does the appeal thoroughly explain and detail the student's special circumstances?
    • Are the circumstances discussed in the appeal beyond the student’s control?
    • What changes has the student made to address the circumstances and allow him/her to meet the SAP standards at the next evaluation or at a specific point in time? What resources will the student avail?
    • Is the student’s explanation consistent with the transcript and the academic dean’s statement?
    • For students not meeting the GPA requirement, what trend has the GPA followed?
    • For students not meeting the credit hour completion requirement, does the transcript demonstrate consistency in credit hour completion?
    • Is the academic plan realistic considering the student’s circumstances and past academic performance?
    • Does the student demonstrate a determination to complete his/her degree?
    • Is the academic dean confident that the student will be academically successfully and able to complete his/her degree by the expected graduation date?
    • How many times has the student appealed? If the student’s appeal was approved, why did the student not meet the SAP requirements or academic plan? Are the reasons similar to the reasons on the previous appeal?
    • If the student appealed in the past, did he/she implement the changes stated on his/her first appeal? If not, why?


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