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The Award Letter

Your Official Financial Aid Award and What You Need to Do

Please read all the information on this page closely, and complete all required steps in order for your finacial aid to be disbursed to you. Failure to complete entrance counseling and to sign a master promissory note for your loans, for example, will prevent their disbursement to your student account. Bookmark this page for future reference.


Viewing Your Award

Review your Student Center for Financial Aid Award information.  Click “View Financial Aid” under the Finances section, and choose the appropriate aid year.  Please print a copy of your award letter at this time for your records.  You may generate a printable .pdf of your award letter in the SIS by clicking “Award Letter” under the academic year financial aid summary.  Please note that financial aid awards are only available online in the SIS.  You will not receive a paper award letter. Also, if your award changes, you will only be able to see the components of the new award, not the award history. For this reason, we suggest you print your official award as soon as you have it.


If you have been offered loans as part of your financial aid package, you must accept, decline, or reduce them in the SIS.  If you have not previously had a Direct Loan or a Perkins/Nursing Loan, you will need to complete entrance counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note before the disbursement of any loans.  For Direct Loans, go to and for Perkins/Nursing Loans, go to  Please note that if you choose to decline your Perkins loan, you will likely not be able to have it reinstated later.  Be absolutely sure you do not want your Perkins loan before you decline it in the SIS. Please click here for information about the rare cirsumstances when a declined Perkins loan might be reinstated.  As with grants, loans will not disburse to the student account until approximately 10 days before the start of the term.

Grants and Scholarships

Grants are automatically accepted on your behalf. You do not need to take any further actions to have your grants disburse to your student account, approximately 10 days before the start of the term.

If you have received any scholarships that are from outside U.Va., or other resources such as veteran’s benefits or ROTC awards, please report these to us through the SIS, under the Finances Section, “Report Other Financial Aid”. All outside scholarships and other resources must be reported to us and may result in an adjustment of your existing aid.  In such cases, you will be notified by email of the change to your financial aid award and the reason for the change.

Only students who have applied for federal aid may report outside scholarships through the SIS. Others must instead submit a Third-Party Payment form, found here. All students can use this Third-Party Payment form, but we ask that you choose only one method for reporting your outside scholarships, as double reporting will likely cause a delay in your financial aid disbursing to your student account.

Please note that federal Pell Grants and SEOG grants are based on eligibility determined by Congressional action, and funding levels are subject to change.

Other Considerations

Receiving financial aid is dependent upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress.  Complete information about satisfactory academic progress is found here.

You may request an increase to your budget for either the one-time computer expense or to cover the cost of health insurance.  Click on the form for either the computer expense request or health insurance request, complete the form, and submit it to our office.  When the request has been processed, you should receive an email notification, usually within about one month from the time you submit the form.

If your financial aid award package is modified after the release of the official financial aid award, you should receive an email notfication to this effect. On the .pdf file in the SIS, you will see a reference code indicating specific reasons for the changes. For a complete list of the codes and their explanations, click here.

For more information about elements of your financial aid award, please click here. Students should review the sections that apply in their particular situation.

Please email all questions to Student Financial Services or call (434) 982-6000.

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