Emily Sydnor

Politics, University of Virginia

Courses (as Instructor)

SARC 3559/5559 and PHS 3620/5620 Built Environment & Public Health: Local to Global

PLAC 5853 Food Heritage Workshop

IHGC 5559 Moral Ecology of Food

FRTR 2552-1 French Culture: Food in Literature and Film

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The Center for Science in the Public Interest is Hiring!September 2, 2013
Sept 21: Local Conference on the Challenges of Food Sustainability!September 16, 2013
Sept. 20: Global Food Security and Human Appropriation of Water ResourcesSeptember 16, 2013
Sept 19: Open seminar with expert Eric Davidson!September 18, 2013
Biophilic Cities Peer Network Launch to Take Place at UVA October 17-20September 27, 2013
Celebrate Food Day with a screening of Food Stamped at the Haven!October 16, 2013
Join the UVA Food Collaborative at the Virginia Film Festival Friday and Sunday as we co-sponsor two important food films: November 5, 2013
Food Desert Report Submitted to VA General AssemblyFebruary 7, 2014
Orthodoxy vs. Heresy and Innovation: Joel Salatin and the Story of Polyface FarmMarch 11, 2014
Food Collaborative takes a "Dive!" Into the Debate on Food WasteApril 8, 2014
THURSDAY MAY 1--UVA Food Collaborative Student Research Symposium!April 28, 2014
Film Screening: A Chemical ReactionMay 7, 2014


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