Emily Sydnor

Politics, University of Virginia

Courses (as Instructor)

SARC 3559/5559, PHS 3620/5620 Built Environment & Public Health: Local to Global

PLAC 5853 Food Heritage Workshop

IHGC 5559 Moral Ecology of Food

FRTR 2552-1 French Culture: Food in Literature and Film

EVSC 4559 Agro-Ecology

PHS 5184 Global Health Policy and Practice

STS 3500/SYS 4502 Sustainability and Human Needs

ANTH 3240 The Anthropology of Food

COLA 1500 The Politics of Food

COLA 1500 Virginia's Table: Food, Slavery and Identity

COLA 1500 Health and Our Environment

COLA 1500 Food Talk

COLA 1500 Food and Culture

ENWR 1510 Rhetoric of Food

ENWR 1510 Talking about Food

PPOL 6500 Food Policy I

PPOL 6500 Food Policy II

ARCH 2150/ARCH 5150/COMM 3880 Global Sustainability

EVSC 4650 Water Sustainability

GBUS 8060 Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

GBUS 8070 Sustainability in Depth: Studies in Innovation

GBUS 8462 Business and Sustainability

NCAR 118 The Sustainable Landscape

PLAC 5240 Collaborative Planning for Sustainability

Emily 's Blog — [ view full blog ]

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is Hiring!September 2, 2013
Sept 21: Local Conference on the Challenges of Food Sustainability!September 16, 2013
Sept. 20: Global Food Security and Human Appropriation of Water ResourcesSeptember 16, 2013
Sept 19: Open seminar with expert Eric Davidson!September 18, 2013
Biophilic Cities Peer Network Launch to Take Place at UVA October 17-20September 27, 2013
Celebrate Food Day with a screening of Food Stamped at the Haven!October 16, 2013
Join the UVA Food Collaborative at the Virginia Film Festival†Friday†and†Sunday†as we co-sponsor two important food films: November 5, 2013
Food Desert Report Submitted to VA General AssemblyFebruary 7, 2014
Orthodoxy vs. Heresy and Innovation: Joel Salatin and the Story of Polyface FarmMarch 11, 2014
Food Collaborative takes a "Dive!" Into the Debate on Food WasteApril 8, 2014
THURSDAY MAY 1--UVA Food Collaborative Student Research Symposium!April 28, 2014
Film Screening: A Chemical ReactionMay 7, 2014
Temple Hill Farm Seeking Veteran-FarmerAugust 6, 2014
Congratulations to UVA Dining for Achieving Marine Stewardship Council Certification!September 16, 2014
Virginia Receives Nearly $1.2 Million in Funding to Strengthen Local Food EconomiesOctober 8, 2014


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