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New course on Food Justice!

November 19, 2012

by: Allison Spain
A new and unique food system planning course on food justice will be offered through the Urban and Environmental Planning department this spring. This course will build upon the previous 7 years of community food system class research, to conduct an assessment of food justice for the City of Charlottesville. Student findings will be submitted to the city for consideration in its new Comprehensive Plan and neighborhood plans. Students will learn and use best practices for community engagement while working with six selected Charlottesville neighborhoods to conduct (and test) a newly developed “food justice audit.” They will interview neighborhood leaders and community residents about their experiences with hunger, access to fresh, healthy food, their perception of food justice, impacts of local food initiatives, and ideas for advancing Charlottesville’s food justice. In addition to conducting research on food justice policies, students will do their field work at the grassroots level, gaining important skills in cultural diversity, observation, listening, and will synthesize their experiences in project papers and presentations of research findings to the city, as well as ethnographies guided by advisory faculty, Dr. Kendra Hamilton. By the end of the class, students will have gained important skills in community-based planning and policies, which are now considered essential for numerous professions.



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