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$50K grant for \

January 8, 2013

by: Paul Martin
The Spring 2013 class of Public Policy 4740 (Philanthropy: Private Initiatives for the Public Good) invites
submissions to its grant program. The class is the recipient of a generous donation that allows it, in
return, to offer a grant opportunity to the local community. The class will award a minimum of $50,000
in grants to nonprofit (501(c)3) organizations in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. The
focus of this open grant program is “food” and submissions from organizations working on
the problems of food security, nutrition, hunger, and other critical issues related to food will be accepted. The grant
selection committee will privilege requests for funding ongoing programs. The grant committee is also
interested in applications seeking support for increased organizational capacity, for example, through
program evaluation, the creation of collaborations across organizations, or efforts that may allow
organizations to diversify their funding sources.

To apply, submit a letter of inquiry of no more than three pages in PDF form to Paul Martin (pmartin@virginia.edu) by January 14, 2013. Organizations should be mindful that the grant review committees are comprised of students in a learning environment.



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