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American Meat+January 6, 2013
A documentary about the meat industry in the United States as seen through the eyes of beef, pig, and poultry farmers.
Documentary: Weight of the Nation+June 13, 2012
Confronting America's obesity epidemic.
TEDx Claremont Colleges - Jesse DuBois+April 3, 2012
Jesse DuBois shares his entrepeneurial spirit and passion for urban, sustainable agriculture.
Meet the Workers Who Pick a Third of the Tomatoes in US Supermarkets+March 28, 2012
A video about the workers and working conditions in Immokalee, FL at tomato farms. Florida is a major producer of "fresh" tomatoes in the US, with Immokalee being the largest tomato-producing town.
World Water Day Recycling Society+March 22, 2012
A short animation showing how cities could reorganize how water is cycled in order to maximize its use potential between urban uses and agricultural uses.
Joel Salatin on the new "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass"+March 18, 2012
Joel Salatin reacts to the new USDA "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass" program.
The Farmers' Film +February 29, 2012
Four Farmers have been filming their own lives since July. Their truth is more amazing than fiction.
TEDx Manhattan: Patty Cantrell - New Roads to New Markets+February 22, 2012
Patty Cantrell discusses the trend back toward decentralized, local food systems and the cultural and nutritive significance of this trend.
Stop-Motion Animation of Michael Pollan's "Food Rules"+February 21, 2012
A stop-motion short of Michael Pollan's "Food Rules"
TEDx Manhattan: Wayne Pacelle - Animal Factories and the Abuse of Power+February 21, 2012
Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society discusses the need to treat farm animals humanely.
TEDx Manhattan: Fred Kirschenmann - Soil: From Dirt to Lifeline+February 16, 2012
Farmer Fred Kirschenmann, with the Stone Barns Center, explains how soil is a critical input in farming. Cultivating healthy, robust soils reduces the need for applied, synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.
TEDxManhattan - Urvashi Rangan - From Fables to Labels+February 15, 2012
Urvashi Rangan of Consumer Reports discusses the state of food labeling. Some labels are trustworthy and some are very flawed - learn about which ones you should be paying attention to.
Back to the Start - Chipotle Commercial+February 14, 2012
This commercial came out awhile ago, but has received renewed attention. Just in case you missed it the first time, Willie Nelson covers Coldplay over an adorable animation explaining why Chipotle supports small farmers.
TEDx Manhattan: How to Cultivate a Logo+February 8, 2012
This video discusses the challenges of urban garden, including soil contamination and growing at density.
TEDx Manhattan: Stephen Ritz - Green Bronx Machine: Growing Our Way Into A New Economy+February 3, 2012
Has a YouTube video ever left you feeling completely exhilarated? Then watch this TEDx Talk from a teacher in the South Bronx that is doing absolutely amazing things with his kids.
TED Food Videos: 8 TED Talks on Eating and Food Policy+February 1, 2012
A selection of 8 TED Talks featuring eating or food policy.
Meet the Farmer TV: Highlights from the 2nd Virginia Food Security Summit+February 1, 2012
Meet the Farmer TV provides highlights from the first day of the 2nd Va Food Security Summit. Runtime approx. 30 minutes.
Visualizing Health and the Farm Bill - Webinar+January 25, 2012
This is a video of the webinar held by Healthy Food Action entitled, "Visualizing Health and the Farm Bill".
Stefani Bardin: Processed Foods Vs. Unprocessed Foods+January 25, 2012
Stefani Bardin is producing a body of work that explores the influence of corporate culture and industrial food production on our food system. These investigations take the form of single and multi-channel videos and immersive and interactive installations. Her current project is working with gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo at Harvard University where they just completed the first ever clinical study to use the M2A™ and SmartPill devices to look at how the human body responds to processed versus whole foods.
The Defense of Vegetables+November 21, 2011
Forget the "dangers" of same-sex marriage: Congressman Blumenauer has found a much greater threat to traditional American values. Join him in highlighting the creeping danger posed by re-defining pizza and french fries as "vegetables" in our school lunch program. The traditional definition of vegetables can help lead us to a future where we are happier, healthier, and big agri-business lobbyists aren't changing the meanings of our words.

For more information, visit

Video: Michael Pollan, “School Lunch”+October 13, 2011
This week is National School Lunch Week, a time to celebrate school lunch programs, raise awareness, and take action to create a healthier food culture for the next generation. Throughout October we’re featuring voices from the movement for better school food, such as parents, food service workers, and food activists.

In this new video from Nourish Short Films, food journalist Michael Pollan advocates for a better menu for America’s children.

Who Will Grow Food for Future Generations?+September 12, 2011
To create a revitalized, healthier, and safer U.S. food and farm system we need to cultivate a new generation of farmers and ranchers – and quickly. The current farm population is aging rapidly, and while there are many people that want to farm and ranch they face tremendous obstacles entering this field.

It Takes a Mob+August 24, 2011
Harvesting potatoes at Maple Hill Farm takes a crop mob (or two).
Grow!+August 12, 2011
A new 50 minute documentary that captures the energy and independence of a fresh crop of young farmers.
It Takes A Mob+August 5, 2011
Dedicated readers and Local Food Hub followers may recall way back in April when we hosted our very first Crop Mob. More than 20 people, including students, UVA Food Collab members, neighbors, and even a couple of farmers, showed up on that blustery spring morning to help us with a major chore: potato planting. The mobbers were great — energetic, motivated, excited — and knocked out this relatively monotonous, dirty chore in just a few hours.

The thing about potatoes, though, is that they multiply. By the time July rolled around, we had almost six times the amount of spuds to harvest!

So what’s a farmer to do? Find out in this short video (hint: it involves 40 high schoolers and a UVA bus).
Market Based Strategies for Getting Good Food to All Communities +July 29, 2011
The Boston Tree Party+July 14, 2011
Lisa Gross, founder of The Boston Tree Party, has created a movement to plant a decentralized urban apple orchard that unites diverse communities across Greater Boston and provides thousands of free apples for all.

Improving Food Access in Baltimore+June 24, 2011
Created for the U.S. Conference of Mayors held in Baltimore, Maryland in June 2011, this video highlights the academic, governmental, grassroots, and volunteer efforts to improve access to healthy affordable food in Baltimore City. Collaborations between the City of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, and community organizations are serving to put key policy recommendations in action to make healthy food more affordable and accessible, and in doing so creating healthier people, neighborhoods, and farmers.
Fair Trade Mini-documentary+June 24, 2011
Starting today, we're unveiling a three-part micro-documentary series on Fair Trade's comprehensive approach to sustainable development. Over the next three weeks we'll share videos on Quality Products, Improving Lives, and Protecting the Environment. And while our approach is comprehensive, the videos are each less than two minutes long!

Real Food Road Trip: Video+April 28, 2011
Katelyn Hale and Katie Blanchard travel to 7 colleges and universities in the midwest, giving Real Food Challenge presentations and student leadership workshops.
Read our travel log and students' updates at our BLOG:

The Atlantic Food Summit+April 27, 2011
Featuring everyone from sustainable food guru Alice Waters to White House chef and public health advocate Sam Kass to genetically modified food advocates like Nina Fedoroff of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the latest incarnation of The Atlantic's Food Summit is taking place from 8:30 to slightly after 2:30 today at the Ronald Reagan International Center in Washington, D.C.
Feeding a Crowd with Local Food+March 28, 2011
The Jefferson Area Board on Aging, made this great video to teach you how feed a crowd with local food.
Chow Down Film+March 24, 2011
CHOW DOWN is a groundbreaking film that exposes the three factors that fatally impact our country's health: the medical community's allegiance to the status quo, the government's allegiance to the food industry, and Americans' allegiance to cheap, convenient food.
UVM Food Systems Seminars Lecture [part 1]+March 9, 2011
UVM Food Systems Seminars Lecture: , 11/04/10: Community Alternatives part 1, given by David Schwartz.
Growing Awareness+March 3, 2011
CSA film.
The Sharecroppers: Poultry Documentary+February 4, 2011
The Sharecroppers is a short documentary film by Jonathan Shepard. A brief exploration into a world that most city dwellers have never seen, The Sharecroppers explores the quiet struggles of America's chicken farmers as they struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Essentially forced into upgrading their farms, these farmers have no choice but to perpetuate a never-ending cycle of debt - on pain of bankruptcy.

South Africa's Community Garden movement+February 3, 2011
This is a short documentary produced on Abalimi’s urban, organic micro-farming movement in the impoverished townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
Food for All Seasons +January 7, 2011
A real local food revolution must feed people healthy, local food year round to be sustainable. At the Benton Harbor Fruit Market, Market Master Lee LaVanway has helped the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College make a commitment to serve local fruits and vegetables year round include winter. "Food for All Seasons" tells the story of this pioneering development.

Avec Eric: Farm to Table+December 21, 2010
Eric visits Polyface Farms in rural Virginia. Farmer Joel Salatin has worked for 40 years creating a green, sustainable farm raising cattle, chickens, and pigs.
The Lunch Love Community Documentary Project +December 11, 2010
Lunch Love Community is what we call our open space documentary project, offering a mosaic of short films to be watched and used across multiple paths of entry – to inspire vision, passion and action among individuals and communities, and help change the way our children eat.
Farm to Fine Arts: Sustainable Dining at the University of Virginia +November 29, 2010
Students at the University of Virginia are encouraging the University to make its operations more sustainable. UVa Dining Services (Aramark) is part of the change, and has responded to the demand with the Fine Arts Cafe located in the School of Architecture on the Casteen Arts Grounds. The Fine Arts Cafe aims to source most of its ingredients locally, organically, and humanely. Watch to find out how this got started, what works well, and what students think.

sweetgrass+November 7, 2010
The main website for this documentary notes that Sweetgrass, "an unsentimental elegy to the American West, follows the last modern-day cowboys to lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana’s breathtaking and often dangerous Absaroka-Beartooth mountains for summer pasture. This astonishingly beautiful yet unsparing film reveals a world in which nature and culture, animals and humans, vulnerability and violence are all intimately meshed."

Food Collaborative member Marga Odahowski led a post-screening discussion of the documentary at this year's Virginia Film Festival, joined by grass-fed beef farmer John Whiteside of Wolf Creek Farm in Madison, VA.
Queen of the Sun+November 7, 2010
Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a profound, alternative look at the tragic global bee crisis from the director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John. Juxtaposing the catastrophic disappearance of bees with the mysterious world of the beehive, this engaging, alarming and ultimately uplifting film weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the heart-felt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world including Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. Together they reveal both the problems and the solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature.
TED Talk: Barton Seaver and Sustainable Seafood+November 6, 2010
Chef Barton Seaver presents a modern dilemma: Seafood is one of our healthier protein options, but overfishing is desperately harming our oceans. He suggests a simple way to keep fish on the dinner table that includes every mom's favorite adage -- "Eat your vegetables!"
Chow Down (a documentary)+September 25, 2010
From the filmmaker's website: This film "exposes the three factors that fatally impact our country’s health: the medical community’s allegiance to the status quo, the government’s allegiance to the food industry, and Americans’ allegiance to cheap, convenient food."
Bananas+August 18, 2010
This is a movie about the lawsuits between Dole and their plantation workers.
Deconstructing Supper+August 18, 2010
A prominent chef goes around the globe and investigates food safety in this era of Genetically Modified Organisms and industrialized agriculture.
Dirt+August 18, 2010
DIRT! The Movie--directed and produced by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow--takes you inside the wonders of the soil. It tells the story of Earth's most valuable and underappreciated source of fertility--from its miraculous beginning to its crippling degradation.
East of Eden+August 18, 2010
Based on the earlier John Steinbeck novel, this is a 1955 film that tells the story of two sons who’s father loses the family savings trying to ship refrigerated lettuce cross country. One son tries his luck, and speculates on growing beans.
Food Fight+August 18, 2010
A fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement has created a counter-revolution against big agribusiness.
Food Miles+August 18, 2010
An episode in a PBS series that discusses the impact of food miles, the distance food must travel before reaching your plate, on the environment and people’s social and physical well-being. It promotes supporting the local food market as a good alternative to the problem of the increased number of food miles.
Food, Inc.+August 18, 2010
This film examines today’s large-scale agricultural food production in the United States which the film has concluded has led to inexpensive, but unhealthy and environmentally-harmful food.
Fresh+August 18, 2010
This 2009 documentary celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Each has witnessed the rapid transformation of our agriculture into an industrial model, and confronted the consequences: food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid obesity. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet.
The Future of Food+August 18, 2010
The Future of Food examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world's food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.
Good Food+August 18, 2010
Something remarkable is happening in the fields and orchards of the Pacific Northwest. Family farmers are making a comeback - growing much healthier food and lots more food per acre while using less water and energy than factory farms.
Harvest of Shame+August 18, 2010
Homegrown+August 18, 2010
Hungry in America+August 18, 2010
One in Four children in the US lives on the brink of hunger. This film asks why.
Ingredients+August 18, 2010
Killer at Large+August 18, 2010
A film about the obesity epidemic.
King Corn+August 18, 2010
King Corn is a documentary about two college friends who move from the Boston to Iowa to farm an acre of corn. It examines how the increased production of corn has affected American society., focusing on issues such as farm policy, industrialized agriculture, the excess of an inedible bumper crop, and the struggles that modern farmers face.
Lunchline+August 18, 2010
A new documentary about the history of school lunches.
Our Daily Bread+August 18, 2010
A German documentary that provides a glimpse into the European food production system. The film takes viewers inside major food companies factories, revealing the application of highly advanced technology to improve efficiency, consumer safety, and profit of food.
The Real Dirt on Farmer John+August 18, 2010
The film follows the ups and downs of farmer John Peterson and his family farm. Farmer John is an eccentric character who stands out in his small farming town. He goes through periods of great highs, art, freedom and love, and lows, auctioning off farming equipment and the struggle to keep his farm. John ends up starting Angelic Organics, one of the largest CSAs in the country to date.
Seed Hunter+August 18, 2010
Seeds of Hunger+August 18, 2010
What's On Your Plate?+August 18, 2010
This documentary follows two 11 year-olds over the course of a year as they explore the food system and their place in their role in the food chain. They talk to farmers, storekeepers, families, and food activists to get the most information they can in an attempt to understand what is on our plates.
Eating Alaska+August 10, 2010
What happens to a vegetarian who moves to Alaska and marries a commercial fisherman and deer hunter?

Join her on a wry search for a sustainable, healthy and ethical meal. Women try to teach her to hunt, teens gather traditional foods, vegans give cooking lessons, she fishes for wild salmon, scrutinizes food labels with kids and finds toxic chemicals getting into wild foods.



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