Resources of the UVA Food Collaborative

Examining the Health Effects of Fructose+August 13, 2013
This brief article (gated) examines the physiological effects of common sugars and argues against a narrow public health focus on fructose.
Moving Food Along the Value Chain: Innovations in Regional Food Distribution+March 22, 2012
A report from the USDA on regional food distribution, including food hubs.
Food deserts + Walmart+January 18, 2012
Food for Thought: A Case Study of Walmart's Impact on Harlem's Healthy Food Retail Landscape
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011 [UN FAO]+October 12, 2011
"The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011 highlights the differential impacts that the world food crisis of 2006-08 had on different countries, with the poorest being most affected. While some large countries were able to deal with the worst of the crisis, people in many small import-dependent countries experienced large price increases that, even when only temporary, can have permanent effects on their future earnings capacity and ability to escape poverty.

This year’s report focuses on the costs of food price volatility, as well as the dangers and opportunities presented by high food prices. Climate change and an increased frequency of weather shocks, increased linkages between energy and agricultural markets due to growing demand for biofuels, and increased financialization of food and agricultural commodities all suggest that price volatility is here to stay. The report describes the effects of price volatility on food security and presents policy options to reduce volatility in a cost-effective manner and to manage it when it cannot be avoided."
Fostering Community Food Security in the African American Community+July 20, 2011
Malik Yakini
Interim Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Chair, Detroit Food Policy Council
Problems with Access to Quality Food in African American Urban Communities and Possible Legal Remedies+July 20, 2011
Professor Nareissa L. Smith, North Carolina Central School of Law
Law as a Social Determinant: Black American Health, Food Insecurity and the Law+July 20, 2011
Professor Vernellia Randall, University of Dayton School of Law
Building Louisville’s Local Food Economy+April 2, 2011
Strategies for increasing Kentucky farm income
through expanded food sales in Louisville.
A Snapshot of Food Access in Louisville+April 2, 2011
This report is authored by the Food in Neighborhoods (FiN) committee, a group of non-profit organizations, public health advocates, local government officials, farmers and concerned citizens. Formed under the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM), the FiN committee began as a convergence between the Food Security Task Force and the MHHM’s Family and Communities Committee. Essentially, the FiN committee advocates for access to local, healthy foods for all Louisville Metro residents through community engagement, economic development and evaluation. This mission is in sync with the strategies outlined in the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities grant awarded to the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a signature program aimed at reducing childhood obesity.
AgDevONLINE+November 4, 2010
AgDevONLINE is a large repository of tools and resources for agriculture and food system development practitioners, applied researchers, and students. AgDevOnline (which is short for "Agriculture and food system Development Online") was created to foster the development of a community of professional practice and support the work of any individuals, agencies, and organizations that focus on agriculture and food issues in a community development context — from farmland protection or beginning farmer programs, to value-chain development, urban agriculture, and public education.
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD)+September 17, 2010
The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD) is an online, international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals. The Journal emphasizes best practices and tools related to the planning, community economic development, and ecological protection of local and regional agriculture and food systems, and works to bridge the interests of practitioners and academics.
Local Environment+August 18, 2010
The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. This, “is a refereed journal which focuses on local environmental, justice and sustainability policy, politics and action. It is a forum for the examination, evaluation and discussion of the environmental, social and economic policies and strategies which will be needed in the move towards "Just Sustainability" at local, national and global levels.”
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems+August 18, 2010
The journal publishes original research and review articles on the economic, ecological, and environmental impacts of agriculture; the effective use of renewable resources and biodiversity in agro-ecosystems; and the technological and sociological implications of sustainable food systems.
Agricultural History+August 18, 2010
Agriculture and Human Values+August 18, 2010
This [journal] seeks to create educational and scholarly junctures among the humanities, the social sciences, food and nutrition studies, and the agricultural disciplines, and to promote an ethical, social, and biological understanding of agriculture.
Anthropology of Food+August 18, 2010
An open access bilingual academic webjournal in French and English dedicated to the social sciences of food.
Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures+August 18, 2010
Ecology of Food & Nutrition+August 18, 2010
Environmental History+August 18, 2010
Food & Foodaways: History & Culture of Human Nourishment+August 18, 2010
This is a refereed, interdisciplinary, and international journal devoted to publishing original scholarly articles on the history and culture of human nourishment.
Food, Culture, and Society+August 18, 2010
Food, Culture & Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (formerly The Journal for the Study of Food and Society) is an international peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exploring the complex relationships among food, culture, and society from numerous disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as in the world of food beyond the academy. It brings to bear the highest standards of research and scholarship on all aspects of food studies and encourages vigorous debate on a wide range of topics.

The journal also publishes original review of relevant books, films, videos, exhibitions and a special section on perspectives on teaching.
Gastronomica+August 18, 2010
This magazine seeks to renew the connection between sensual and intellectual nourishment by offering readers a taste of passionate inquiry through scholarship, humor, fiction, poetry, and exciting visual imagery.
Journal of Rural Studies+August 18, 2010
An academic journal which contains upper level discussion of rural living. This journal is not specific to agriculture but provides a plethora of relevant articles.
Journal of Sustainable Agriculture+August 18, 2010
The Journal focuses on new and unique systems in which resource usage and environmental protection are kept in balance with the needs of productivity, profits, and incentives that are necessary for the agricultural marketplace.



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