Student Research

2014 Student Research Symposium

“No One Should Be Eating This” Local Growing: Local Food and Community Building Local Growing: Checklist

PLAP 3160: Politics of Food
JTerm 2012 Projects

Detroit's Agricultural Revolution Industrial Food Production Local Food Systems
Obesity Poverty Food Safety, Nutrition and Labeling
Advertising to Youth    
PLAC 5500: Community Food Systems
Food Heritage Planning
All projects since 2006
ARCH 5150: Global Sustainability
2012 Projects
STS 2000-6: Science, Technology, and Sustainable Agriculture or Bringing Engineers into the Foodshed
2009 Projects
PLAN 5810: Sustainable Communities
All Video Projects since 2009
Independent Student Work & Theses
Ben Chrisinger - "Fitting Food Access Measurements to Local Communities: Roles for Planners and Policymakers" (Thesis)
Ben Chrisinger - "Planning Functions of Community Food Projects"
Anne de Chastonay, Carla Jones, Natalie Roper, and Erica Stratton - "Have a Stake in the Market"
Emily Kilroy and Allison Spain - "Demand for Local Food in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Region"




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