Greek News

Preparing your Chapter House for Winter Break

December 3rd, 2012

Prior to leaving for Winter Break, fraternity and sorority houses  should prepare the chapter facility for winter break. The following presents some guidelines to prepare your house for break. For complete information, please contact your House Corporation and/or International Organization. For a complete pre-break checklist, please visit:

  • Prepare a snow removal plan in the event of snow during the break. Local authorities require snow removal to be completed within 24 hours of the last snow fall. In the event snow isn’t cleared within the 24 hour requirement, local authorities will contract with a local snow removal company and the property owner will be billed accordingly.
  • Ensure furnace is on and thermostat is set at or above 60 degrees.
  • Leave the doors to cabinets that contain water lines open, this will allow heat to enter the area.
  • Ensure that services such as trash disposal, water, newspaper delivery, etc. have been addressed.
  • Ensure that exterior doors and windows are well insulated, are capable of locking, and are capable of being closed and latched completely.
  • Try to schedule someone to check periodically on the house over the break; this individual could be a member or alumni/ae who lives locally. Provide the individual or individuals with the following information:
    • Master Key
    • Alumnae/Alumni House Corporation/ Property Management Company Contact Info.
    • Emergency Response Contact Info.
    • Emergency Repair Company Options
  • Repair any broken windows.
  • Remove all refuse from the house and exterior property.
  • Remove all perishable food
  • Unplug all non-essential appliances, electronic devices & cords.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are working properly.
  • Inspect the hot water heater and exposed water lines and drain pipes for slow leaks.
  • Pull down blinds and close curtains.
  • Make sure any valuables are safe, locked, and out of plain view (i.e. bikes, grills, TV’s, laptops.)
  • Check all exterior light bulbs to make sure they are working properly.
  • Record any damages to the house at your time of departure: this notation will be very useful if your house is damaged, vandalized, or burglarized over the break.
  • Check with your insurance companies and house corporations on any school break closing advice they might offer (following this list may help you when filing claims due to an emergency.)

Feel free to contact Charlotte Fraser (cef6ft) with any questions or concerns regarding Winter Break closing.