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Preparing for winter weather

March 5th, 2013

As Charlottesville prepares for the potential of a significant winter weather event, please be sure that you are making the necessary preparations for snow and ice removal.  Chapters should be equipped with a plan for removal, especially around sidewalks and walkways.  A shovel, rock salt, and other snow related equipment should be in the chapter’s possession for use if needed.

Our staff will continue to monitor the forecasts and provide updates as necessary.


Charlottesville and Albemarle County policy states:

All snow/ice must be removed from sidewalks and walkways managed by city and county public works within twenty four (24) hours of the last snow.   Should County and City Property Maintenance Inspectors find properties without cleared sidewalks and/or walkways, they will issue a twenty-four (24) hour warning by posting or hand-delivering this notice to the occupant of the property.  If after twenty-four (24) hours the snow/ice is still present, a city hired contractor will clear the areas in noncompliance at the cost of the owner/occupant(s).  Be advised, the cost to the owner/occupant will be substantially more expensive than the typical rate, so please make arrangements to have all snow/ice removed from your property within the twenty-four (24) hour time frame required by the new policy.