Greek News

Helpful Hints for a Productive Summer

May 2nd, 2013

As we prepare for Summer Break here are some helpful hints for your chapter:

• Set the chapter calendar (at least tentatively) before you leave: This will help chapter leadership know what needs to be worked on over the summer. Make sure to schedule a mid-summer check-in with any officers working on projects over the summer!
• Know when your summer deadlines are: Do you have awards packets or end of the semester reports that are due after you all leave for break? If so make sure that you know who is responsible for getting those in on time. Additionally if you need reports or information from our office, remember to request that in advance as we need 48 hours to process all requests
• Contact information: Make sure that if you need to be in touch with your officers over the summer you have not only their contact information but also their schedule, so that you know when they will be around to check-in with!