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House Closing Check-list

May 2nd, 2013

As you prepare to leave for summer, please consider the suggestions below to ensure the safety and security of your house during Summer Break. Though it is by no means exhaustive, this list offers steps and suggestions that may prevent serious damage to your chapter house:

• Make sure all door & window locks are working and secured.
• Repair any broken windows.
• Remove trash and refuse from the house and its grounds.
• Remove any perishables that might spoil over the break.
• Unplug all electronic devices & cords.
• Double-check all exterior light bulbs.
• Make sure any valuables are safe & locked.
• Try to schedule someone to check periodically on the house over the break.
• Check with your insurance companies and house corporations on any school break closing advice they might offer (following this list may help you when filing claims due to an emergency).
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