Inter-Greek Committee

In an effort to unite the Greek Councils at the University of Virginia, the Inter-Greek Committee (IGC) was founded in Spring 2002.

The IGC consists of two elected or appointed representatives from each of the four governing Greek Councils (IFC, ISC, MGC, NPHC) at the University. The Inter-Greek Committee is exceptionally proud of the various ways that they are able to serve the Greek Community through original programming or supporting the good work of the fraternities and sororities at Virginia.

The mission of the InterGreek Committee focuses on education, service, and unity events for the fraternity and sorority community.

Current 2012-2013 membership:

Inter-Fraternity Council Representatives: Jake Pittman & Alex Van Trigt

Inter-Sorority Council Representatives: Ellen Graham & Alex DiCocco

Multicultural Greek Council Representatives: Thomas Anthony & Mo Lu

National Pan-Hellenic Council Representatives: Toye Falaiye