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UVA Alumni: Leading in Personal and Professional Happiness

In a recent Gallup survey conducted among alumni of colleges and universities across the nation, UVA alumni outpaced the national average in four key areas:



of UVA alumni are in the workforce
This exceeds the national average of 79%

Engagement at Work


of UVA alumni report being engaged at work
This exceeds the national average of 39%


In a measure of five elements of well-being

  • purpose
  • social
  • financial
  • community
  • physical

UVA alumni outpace national averages in all five areas. And more than

4 in 10

UVA alumni strongly agree that the
University prepared them well for life outside of college.

Attachment to Their Alma Mater


of alumni are more emotionally attached to the University
than students from other universities

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