Council Members

The General Faculty Council members represent various professions, schools, and departments throughout the University:

  • Administration
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Athletics
  • Education Schools (Curry and SCPS)
  • Engineering
  • Health Professionals (Health Sciences, Medical, Nursing)
  • Libraries
  • Professional Schools (Architecture, Batten, Commerce, Darden, Law)

Current Council Representatives

Name/email Title, Area Term School: Position Phone


At Large

2013-16 Washington Papers: Lecturer and Senior Editor 924-0523



2014-17 Associate Director: Sciences, Humanities, & Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI) 243-6619



2015-18 Reference and Instructional Technology Librarian 924-7702

Immediate Past Chair

At Large

2015-16 School of Medicine: Department of Public Health Sciences: Associate Professor of Research 243-9458

At Large

2015-18 Statewide Program Director: BPS, Health Sciences 243-8120

Health Professionals

2014-17 Radiology and Biomedical Engineering: Professor of Research 924-5096
At Large 2013-16 Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages and Cultures: Lecturer 243-2019

Professional Schools

2013-16 Darden School of Business: Assistant Director of International Opportunities, Programs and Resources 924-6748

At Large

2015-18 Department of Microbiology: Research Scientist 924-0274

Arts & Sciences

2013-2016 Associate Professor: Astronomy 924-4890


2015-18 Director: Virginia College Advising Corps 982-3993

Health Professionals

2013-16 School of Nursing: Assistant Professor 924-0115
At Large 2013-16

ITS: Director, Training and Student Engagement

Athletics 2014-17 Head Coach: Women's Rowing 982-5827
Arts & Sciences 2014-17 McIntire Department of Music: Associate Professor 924-6504
Engineering 2014-17 Office of Minority Programs, Dean's Office, SEAS: 924-0614
Arts & Sciences 2015-18 Research Associate Professor: Astronomy 924-4899
Professional Schools 2015-18 School of Law: Co-Director, Legal Research and Writing 243-8547
Health Professionals 2015-18 School of Medicine: Professor, Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences 924-8305
Administration 2015-18 Scholarly and Technical Communications Officer: Institute for Advanace Technology in the Humanities 924-4370

Education Schools

2014-17 Curry School of Education: Assistant Professor 924-4928

Chair, U.Va. Faculty Senate

Ex-Officio to GFC


School of Medicine: Associate Professor of Neurology