Sample Ballot and Platform Statement

General Faculty Council

Election Ballot - March 201X


The General Faculty Council (GFC) is conducting its annual election to fill expiring terms on the Council.
This individual will represent the interests of the Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Senior Professional Research Staff employed in the area of University Libraries.

The councilor elected will serve from April 201X - March 201X

Please vote for ONE of the candidates listed during the week of March XX-XX, 201X.


Jane Austen, Alderman Library

"I have been a member of the non-tenure track faculty since 1997 and understand the issues which face the General Faculty. As a member of the Society of Distinguished Librarians and Writers, I have devoted much of my career to improving the work environment for librarians and, if elected, will do my best to improve the status of non-tenured faculty here at the University."


J.D. Salinger, Fine Arts Library

"During my time here, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many projects across the University. I have seen firsthand the positive changes that result when committed individuals work together to improve the experience and development of faculty across all departments and areas. As a member of the General Faculty Council, I will dedicate my energy to being a positive force for finding creative solutions to the issues facing the general faculty."

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