University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)

Minutes: April 10, 2001 12:30-2:00 PM, Room 389 Newcomb


Members Present: Mary Abouzeid, Jann Balmer, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Donal Day, Patricia Foley, James Freeman, Joe Gieck, Brad Holland, Carol Hunter, Bill Keene, Aaron Laushway, Maurice Lipper, Lotta Lofgren, Jane Penner, Jan Redick, Max Salinas, Betsy Tucker, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson

Members Absent: Rosie Dunn, Barbara Millar

The meeting was chaired by Patricia Foley

1. Welcome to new Council Members. Trish Foley introduced and welcomed the new General Faculty Council Members, who are: Jann Balmer, Medicine; Rosie Dunn, Administration; Lotta Lofgren, Arts and Sciences; and Lynda White, Libraries. (Rosie Dunn was introduced in name, but was absent from the meeting.)

2. Minutes of the March 2001 meeting were approved as written.

3. Committee Reports:

    1. Policy Committee: Jane Penner reported that she has been in communication with Alex Johnson and that the Provost has a few minimal changes to the January 2001 draft of the policy. Alex will contact Jane early in the week of April 16 with these changes. Jane will let Jan Redick know when it is appropriate to post the draft policy on the GFC website.
    2. Elections Committee: Max Salinas and Betsy Tucker reviewed the election process and concluded that the elections went very well overall, and that two weeks is ample time for voting after the ballots are posted.
    3. By-Laws Committee: Joe Gieck worked on the by-laws language which would allow for election, in future years, of a Chair and Chair-elect of the Council. Discussion of the appropriate terminology followed, and Joe will send council members by email his suggested final language for the by-laws change.


4. Election of Officers and Appointment of Chairs/Representatives to Committees: The following were elected or appointed:

Chair: Frank Butros

Secretary: Jan Redick

Elections Committee: Max Salinas; Ellie Wilson

By-Laws Committee: Joe Gieck; Chuck Callaghan

Policy Committee: Bill Keene, Chair; Frank Butros; Lotta Lofgren; Jane Penner; and Lynda White

CCUG Representative: Barbara Millar

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee Representative: Aaron Laushway

Faculty Senate Research and Scholarship Committee Representative: Maurice Lipper

Benefits Committee Representative: Carol Hunter

5. Joe Gieck initiated a discussion with regard to a General Faculty member who was told that he was being terminated after nineteen years of full-time service to the University. General discussion followed as to whether this personís rights to "continued expectation of employment" are being violated according to the current policy affecting General Faculty. The consensus was that, indeed, it appears the individual is probably being terminated in a wrongful manner, and that he should consult with the University Ombudsman and/or the Provost.

6. The annual Spring Party to welcome incoming Council Members and thank those going off Council will be held from 5-7 PM on Tuesday, May 15 in the garden of Pavilion I. It was decided to invite Kathy Reed to the party in recognition of her efforts on behalf of General Faculty. (Kathy Reed will be leaving the University this year.) Council Members were reminded that President Casteen will be a guest speaker at the regular Council Meeting which will also take place on May 15 (see below). Ellie Wilson and Jan Redick are organizers for the Spring Party.


NEXT MEETING: May 15, 2001 12:15 PM Room 389, Newcomb Hall

Submitted by: Jan Redick