University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Minutes: April 8, 2002    12:00-1:30 PM,  Room 389 Newcomb Hall


Members Present:  Mary Abouzeid, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Donal Day, Rosie Dunn, James Freeman, Joe Gieck, Bill Keene, Lotta Lofgren, Barbara Millar, Jan Redick, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson


Members Absent:  Jann Balmer, Carol Hunter, Maurice Lipper


The meeting was chaired by Frank Butros



1.     Minutes of the March 11, 2002 meeting were approved as corrected.


2.  Chair’s Report:


Frank Butros has purchased 300 very nice ball-point pens advertising the General Faculty Council  to be distributed at the upcoming Faculty-Staff Resource Fair. Now that the manufacturer has the template for inscribing the pens, future orders will be cost effective.


The newly elected Council Members will be invited to attend the upcoming May 21, 2002 meeting.  Frank Butros requested that those going off the council also attend that meeting to afford the new members a better transition into the council setting.


The annual party will also be held May 21, 2002 from 5-7 PM in the garden of Pavilion I.  All council members will be invited; including current members, newly elected members, and those going off council this year.  


3.  Special Report:


Rosie Dunn presented an informative overview of the activities and functioning of the Northern Virginia Center of the University of Virginia.  The Center, located on Haycock Road in Falls Church, is operated by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  Founded in 1949, the Northern Virginia Center now has approximately 9,000 students annually; primarily enrolled in courses in education, business, and technology.  The center employs about 200 adjunct local faculty, 5-10 Charlottesville-based faculty, and 40 support staff members.   Information about the Northern Virginia Center, its course offerings and programs can be obtained by calling (703) 536-1100 or by visiting their website,


4.  Committee Reports:


Elections Committee: The results of the recent General Faculty Council elections were announced, and were as follows: Administration, Robbie Greenlee; Athletics, Phil Gates; Engineering, Chris Milner;  Medicine, Elaine Banner and John Blanco; and Student Affairs, Jennifer Bauerle.


By-Laws Committee:  Joe Gieck reported that the recent vote whether to change the wording of the by-laws to provide for a Chair and Chair-Elect of the Council passed overwhelmingly.


Benefits Committee:  Carol Hunter was not at the meeting, but provided handouts describing pertinent points and changes in the UVA Health Plan referral process; changes in drug co-pay and monthly premium fees; and specific details about insurance coverage under Southern Health Services, Inc.   April 17, 2002 is the next meeting of the Benefits Committee.


Policy Committee:  The policy committee, which has met since the last council meeting, reported that there is still no new information from Alex Johnson regarding the revised Policy on the General Faculty, but that the committee expects to hear from him soon.  Anda Webb did respond to the committee regarding policy-related issues specific to Research Faculty.  Anda indicated that: 1) the benefit/salary issues had already been addressed by the URPAC and are viewed by the Vice President for Research as a closed topic, although the council could request that he reconsider this position; 2) she has asked Mike Glasgow, Director of OSP, to provide input concerning the University policy of direct charging sponsors for extended temporary disability leave for non-working faculty; and 3) she expects Alex Johnson to address details related to the requirement of extramural support for contract renewal as part of the ongoing effort to revise the Policy on the General Faculty.


Following the Policy Committee’s report, Lotta Lofgren led a more general discussion related to inherent limitations we face in strategic planning when the council is not an empowered governing body.   Since we have no direct control of the process, there is little we can do to specify time lines, which are typically an integral element of planning.  Ideas for making the council more effective in this regard included: visiting deans, administrators, etc. to engage in direct discussions regarding our respective concerns; and increasing awareness of the council by more publication and communication (for example, a regular box in UVA Today), etc.


Lotta Lofgren raised the issue of having official representation on the Faculty Senate.  Following discussion it was decided that Frank Butros would invite the Chair of the Faculty Senate to the council’s June meeting. 



The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.



NEXT MEETING:  May 21, 2002   12:00 noon, Room 389, Newcomb Hall


Submitted by: Jan Redick