APRIL 13, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Richard McGuire
* Patricia Lampkin
Bill Randolph
Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Ann Loper presided.

The minutes of March 9, 1994 were approved, with corrections.


Ann Loper presented a slate of Council members who had agreed to run for office for 1994/95: Bill Randolph as Chair, and Beth Picknally Camden as Secretary. There were no additional nominees from the floor. Motion was made and seconded to accept the slate of officers. Motion passed.

Bill Randolph presided over the remainder of the meeting.


Update on Center Cut-backs - Richard Sealock presented a written summary of funding status of the various centers.

The impact on General Faculty positions is:

Some classified jobs were lost, but no tenure/tenure-track faculty jobs lost . Some additional General Faculty positions may be lost next year, if lobbying efforts are not successful. The Council should send a letter supporting continuing employment for these faculty members next spring.

Several other issues were raised for future discussion:
the need for providing new faculty members with clear, written information at the time of employment; and, the inequity (between General Faculty and Professional Research Staff] in the length of notice given at the time of termination.

Ann Loper will pull data together on this issue for the new meeting.

General Faculty Handbook
Beth Picknally Camden reported that she is in the process of setting up a meeting with Mair DeVoursney to discuss the need for a separate handbook for General Faculty.

John Alexander reported that he has received new data on the number of General Faculty and their distribution. He will revise the proposed by-laws addendum on the distribution of Council representation to reflect these new figures and present at the next meeting.

Bill Randolph raised the question of whether the by- laws should be amended to include a new office of Vice Chair. The Council agreed that the by-laws would not be amended at this time, but that the Chair could appoint any Council member to chair meetings in his absence.

Arrangements for Open meeting
Julie Martin reported that the open meeting for General Faculty will be held on April 27 at 12:00 in Peabody Hall, room 105. Beth Picknally Camden reported that the draft by-laws are available on reserve in Clemons Library and on the GWIS in the "Organizations and Publications" section. The meeting will be publicized in Inside UVa and on our electronic newsgroup "uva.generalfaculty".

Meeting with L. Sandridge
The meeting of the Council with Vice President Leonard Sandridge on March 29 was discussed.

A summary of the meeting will be attached to the minutes.


Motion of Thanks
Bernard Mayes made a motion to thank Julie Martin and Ann Loper for their service as Co-Chairs during the last year. Motion was seconded by R. Sealock and approved.

Domestic Partner Benefits
Bernard Mayes presented policies on domestic partner benefits (for unmarried couples) from the University of Iowa and William & Mary. He asked the Council to read these documents and be prepared to discuss at the next Council meeting.

Council Resignation
Ann Loper announced that Richard McGuire has resigned from the Council. An election will be held to elect a new representative from Athletics. Richard has offered to help with the election. Julie Martin volunteered to work on the election with Richard.

Open/Closed meetings
Beth Picknally Camden reported that some of our constituents were concerned that the Council met in closed session with L. Sandridge. The Council had discussed this issue on e-mail and agreed in advance of the meeting that it would be for Council members only. The by-laws do allow the Council to meet in closed session, if the majority vote to do so.

The Council agreed that all regular meetings would be open, although portions may be closed (as allowed in the by-laws). Special meetings, or consultations, may be held with members of the University Administration and the Council. A summary of any such meetings should be reported on in the minutes of the next regular Council meeting

Council voted to go into closed session for the remainder of the meeting.

Next meeting:

Wednesday May 11, 1994 1:00-3:00 Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by May 4, 1994


Summary of the March 29 Council meeting with Leonard Sandridge


Decentralization is part of the appropriations act, and its language. UVa is seeking freedom from state bureaucracy. In most cases, it won't impact on General Faculty. SCHEV supports decentralization, except in academic program review. Areas of decentralization: procurement, human resources, finance and accounting. Excluded: capital outlay, telephone services and correctional enterprises (i.e. prison furniture).

For General Faculty:
State currently doesn't have much influence over General Faculty, so not much will change. One positive change would be benefits, with a menu of options added (eg. Univ. Hospital is working on a new HMO).

In decentralization, the University will question all pre-approval (by the state) and move to a system of post-audit. More authority in the field. More opportunity to make purchases off of state contract.


On Sept.1, the University will submit a plan for restructuring. This will have more impact on the General Faculty. Decentralization will be a tool in the restructuring plan.

Restructuring probably won't mean layoffs, but it will mean that people will be doing things differently than they do now. We are re-aligning to meet the demands of the future with the same resources that we have now.

Will there be a loss of General Faculty positions due to restructuring? There will be 2 groups: 1) those who won't change; and 2) those who will be displaced. The Univ. will look at a "buy out" system for those who can't (or won't) be placed elsewhere in the Univ.

There will be a reduction in employment levels in some area. We will be handling more with the same staff. Changes will happen gradually, so we will be able absorb the additional work.

What is time schedule for restructuring? Polly McClure will be appointed in April as the project leader, and she will set a time schedule. Preliminary plans will be finished by May, so that they can be reviewed over the summer, and submitted in Sept.


What is the status of the salary restructuring proposal for General Faculty? Mr. Sandridge couldn't find any General Faculty who supported the proposal, so the idea has been dropped.