APRIL 11, 1995


Beth Picknally Camden
Virginia Germino
Shawn Campbell
* Dearing Johns
James Clack
Ann Loper
Mark Doherty
James McGowan
* Colleen Fitzpatrick
William Randolph
Hilton Fowler
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Bill Randolph welcomed the 6 newly-elected members to the Council: Colleen Fitzpatrick (Arts & Sciences); Shawn Campbell (Athletics); Hilton Fowler (Medical School); Dearing Johns (Medical School); Virginia Germino (Other Schools & Centers); James Clack (Student Affairs). These Council members hold two- year terms expiring in March 1997.

The continuing members of Council (with terms expiring in March 1996) were also introduced: Mark Doherty (Administration); Richard Sealock (Arts & Sciences); James McGowan (Hospital); Beth Picknally Camden (Libraries); William Randolph (Medical School); Ann Loper (Other Schools & Centers).

The out-going members of Council were recognized for their years of service: John Alexander; Wei Li Fang, Patricia Lampkin, Julia Martin, Bernard Mayes, and Tom Perrin.

Election of Officers

The election of Council officers for 1995/96 was conducted. William Randolph was re-elected as Chair. The election for the position of secretary was tabled until the May meeting, due to a lack of a nominee willing to serve. There was a brief discussion of the timing of the election of officers, and whether the by-laws should be amended so that the election does not happen at the first meeting of the year.

No action was taken.

Press Release

Beth Picknally Camden presented a draft press release, announcing the new Council members, for discussion. A revised version will be sent to the Council on e-mail. The final version will be sent to Inside UVa, the student papers and the University Press office.

Old Business:

Committee on Policy

Ann Loper agreed to serve as chair of the Committee on Policy. Richard Sealock, Hilton Fowler, Virginia Germino and Mark Doherty also agreed to serve on this committee. The Council will solicit additional volunteers to serve on this committee, or on working groups.

Part-time Benefits

To follow-up on our discussion at the March meeting, the Council will send a letter to the Administration in support of the efforts of the WFPA. Bill Randolph will prepare a draft and send via e-mail for comments.

Faculty Governance

To follow-up on our discussion at the March meeting, the Council will send a letter to the Faculty Senate to foster continuing cooperation. Beth Picknally Camden will prepare a draft and send via e-mail for comments.

New Business:

Electronic mail

Outgoing Council member, John Alexander, asked for a volunteer to maintain the Council's internal mailing list: Richard Sealock agreed to take on this responsibility.

Issues for Committee on Policy

Richard Sealock suggested that the Committee on Policy take on the issue of the need for a grievance policy for Professional Research Staff. Since the Committee can only act on issues as assigned by the Council, it was suggested that we formally assign them the issues that were discussed at earlier meetings.

Motion (B.P.Camden):That the Committee on Policy examine the following issues: grievance procedures, General Faculty handbook, part-time benefits, and promotion; and bring proposals to Council.

Amendment to motion (Mark Doherty):That these issues will be the initial focus of the Committee.

Motion approved as amended.

Ann Loper chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Election procedures

Richard Sealock suggested that the procedures for Council elections should be revised. Several problems were encountered with the procedures during the 1995 election: the number of nominees (should we limit the number per area?; should we seek a balance among different categories of faculty?; should the nominating committee contact all nominees and require a statement of interest?); and the number of invalid ballots (how do we structure the ballot so that people do not vote in more than one area?). Changes to the election process would require changes to the by-laws and the by-laws addenda. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Minutes of March 14, 1995 were approved.

Next meeting: Tuesday May 9, 1995 1:00-3:00 McKim Hall room 3113