April 21, 1998

Members Present:
Ron Berube
Donal Day
Dennis DeSilvey
Patricia Foley
Rob Walker Freer
Abby Gillette
Karen Grandage
Martin Hoard
Brad Holland
Douglas Hurd
Carol Larson
Mary Smith
Joyce Pastors
Jane Penner

Members Absent:
Barry Anderson
Tom Dowd
Elizabeth Fortune
Graham Grove
Claire Kaplan
Jennie Moody
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Also Present:
Bob Devoursney
Mair Devoursney
Suzanne Louis
Linda White

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Introduction of New Members:

Doug Hurd introduced the six new members to the Council whose three year terms will run from 1998 to 2001. They include:

Six Councilors are rotating off the Council. They include:

Doug gave a brief introduction to the history of the Council and a synopsis of it's activities during the past 2 years since he became Chair.

2. Topic: Financial Report:

Doug reported that the current balance of the General Faculty Council is $439.40. The Council is given increments of $2,500 as needed to cover incidental costs associated with Council business. Doug encouraged the new Chair to request additional funds from the Director of the Budget as soon as possible.

3. Topic: Report from the Policy Working Group:

Joyce distributed Draft 5 of the Policy dated 4/21/98. Please note: page 7 of the Policy was inadvertently omitted. There was a lively discussion on the latest draft of the Policy and the plan on how to proceed with presenting this draft to the Provost.

Dennis DeSilvey made a motion to post the current draft to the General Faculty Council Web page for 2 weeks so that all general faculty can review it and make comments. The motion was seconded by Jane Penner. At the same time, Doug will communicate with Provost Low to let him know the status of the Council's review and revision. The hope is that by the next Council meeting in May, all changes will be incorporated into a final draft to be presented to Provost Low.

4. Election of New Officers Joyce Green Pastors was nominated as Chair and agreed to serve with a Co-Chair. Her nomination was accepted unanimously, and nominations for a Co-Chair will be sought by the May meeting.

Elizabeth Fortune has agreed to be the Council's Web Master and maintain the Web page. There were no nominations for Secretary.

5. Next Meeting:

May 12, 12:30pm - 2:00pm in Newcomb Hall, Room 389.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.