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General Faculty Council
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Meeting Minutes
April 13, 1999

Meeting began at 12:40 PM

In Attendance: Joyce Green Pastors (Chair), Patricia Foley (Medicine), Brad Holland (Adminstration), Betsy Tucker (A&S), Mary Smith (Engineering), Nancy Garlick (A&S), Jane Penner (Libraries), Abby Gillette (Other Schools), Donal Day (A&S), Barry Anderson (Hospital), Jan Redick (Medicine), Aaron Laushway (Student Affairs), Joe Gieck (Athletics), Marva Barnett (Faculty Senate Liaison) , and Susan Andrews (Administration).

  1. Joyce Green Pastors introduced the new Council members Joe Gieck, Jan Redick and Aaron Laushway. Susan Andrews was introduced later in meeting.
  2. Joyce Green Pastors provided a brief orientation about the GFC for the benefit of the new members. (See agenda items 1 and 2 and the handout on the numbers of General Faculty in the schools/departments represented on the Council.
  3. The Minutes of the March meeting were approved
  4. There was a discussion of the meeting with Ed Ayres and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee led by Marva Barnett and Joyce Green Pastors. It was pointed out that 50-55% of the GF has teaching/research duties and thereby have concerns that fall uniquely under the Faculty Senate mission. It was anticipated that the General Faculty Council might be invited to establish a liaison to the Faculty Senate. There was additional discussion about the link between the issues of teaching/research and the conditions of employment. Marva Barnett pointed out that issues that dealt with working conditions did not fall under the mission of the Faculty Senate. Various members raised questions about where a General Faculty member should turn for resolution of specific issues.
  5. An update on Coordinating Council on University Wide Groups (CCUWG) was presented by Brad Holland who offered that at the next meting (April 15) there was to be a roundtable discussion on topics for further discussion. He wanted the Council to begin thinking about those issues that were appropriate for the CCUWG. Two of the issues mentioned were the annual review process and benefits for part-time faculty.
  6. Jane Penner and Abby Gillette gave an update on the Employee Resource Fair. To promote increased interest, they suggested that the General Faculty provide incentives such as a bowl of candy, a trinket of some kind to give away, and a brochure describing the General Faculty Council and its mission.
  7. There was a brief discussion of the security and anonymity of e-mail voting lead by Trish Foley. It was decided that the absence of workable alternatives (voting booths and registration list) made e-mail voting a responsible process. Those members who wished to vote by messenger mail would be allowed to do so but this too raised issues of security and anonymity.
  8. Joyce Green Pastors provided a summary of the General Faculty forum held on March 10th. There were approximately 70 people in attendance. She reported, however, that the discussions about salary, promotion, categorization did not lead to any viable solutions. She suggested that we look into other alternatives for next year’s forum instead of a panel discussion using members from UVA administration.
  9. Jane Penner reported that, despite attempts, efforts to dislodge the general faculty policies from the Provost office have not been successful. After discussion about next steps, the council agreed that if no progress is made after one more attempt to communicate informally via e-mail or phone, a formal letter should be sent to the Provost’s Office (Peter Low) with copies sent to Dr. Cantrell, Mr. Sandridge, and President Casteen
  10. It had been expected that this meeting would include the election of a chair and a secretary for 1999-2000. It was decided that this would be tabled until the next meeting to allow for more nominations and to allow the chair to contact council members who had been nominated as officers but were unable to attend today’s meeting.
  11. Other agenda items:
  • The salary grievance issue was tabled until next month
  • There was a brief discussion of the request by Tom Gausvik, Chief Human Resource Officer, to serve as an ex-officio member. It was tabled until next month.
  • The request for funding from the UVa Asian-American faculty reception was turned down
  • There was discussion about the appropriate use of the gen-fac and gf-roster mailing list. Council members were encouraged to limit their use of the list to those mailings dealing directly with the business of the general faculty.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Donal Day