University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Mnutes:  August 13, 2002       Time:  noon – 1:30 p.m.

Room 389 Newcomb Hall


Members Present: Mary Abouzeid, Jann Balmer, Elaine Banner, Jennifer Bauerle, Donal Day, James Freeman, Phil Gates, Robbie Greenlee, Carol Hunter, Barbara Millar, Chris Milner, Greg Strickland, Lynda White


Members Absent: Rosie Dunn, Bill Keene, George Hashisaki,  Lotta Lofgren, Ellie Wilson


The meeting was chaired by Lynda White.  The meeting began as soon as a quorum was present (50%).


I.              Minutes.  Minutes of the June meeting were approved. In future the Council will approve minutes via email so that they may be posted on the Website as quickly as possible.

II.         Annual Report.  The Council’s Annual Report was put forward for ratification.  Several members had not read it and there was some confusion regarding committees.  It was suggested that Lynda White would correct the Annual Report and include the 18 points that last year’s Council decided were important for the Council’s direction.  The Annual Report 2000-2001 will be sent to the members for approval via email.

III.    Future Meetings.  The dates of future General Faculty Council meetings were announced by Lynda White:  September 10, October 8, November 12, and December 10.  All meetings will be held in the Board Room of Newcomb Hall, which is across the hall from 389.

IV.         Budget.  Lynda next discussed the Council’s operating budget.  In June, 2002, the balance in the budget was $4,060.15; in July, it was $2,458.75.  Money is deposited in the GenFac account from the Budgeting office at about $2500/year.  Money has been used in the past for the following: new faculty brochure printing, resource fair pens, lunches for monthly meetings, end-of-year reception, and gifts for departing members.  Lynda proposed that this year, we would not provide lunch for the meetings, in light of the budget crisis at the University.  There was a general discussion about this and it was decided that we would examine what other groups do regarding meetings during lunchtime. Robbie Greenlee will check with people in finance; Lynda is also in touch with the Budget office to see why last year’s balance did not carry over to FY20002/03 as it seemed to in the past.

V.              Mortgage Subsidy.  At a previous meeting, the subject of supporting a Mortgage Subsidy benefit was brought to the floor.  It was decided then that we would investigate what happened to the previous benefit.  Lynda White emailed to Alice Handy, University Treasurer.  A mortgage program was in place from the 1960’s through the 1980’s and was disbanded because no one was using it.  It basically provided an attractive mortgage rate for home purchases and was available to all faculty (tenured and general).

VI.         General Faculty Council Historic Records.  At a previous meeting, the Council discussed finding a home for the General Faculty Council papers.  Lynda White contacted Alderman Library’s Special Collections and they agreed to take the ten years’ of records into the Archives.

VII.    Rewards and Recognitions.  Last year, the General Faculty Council was invited to assist an administrative group (Webb, Gausvik, Rivers, and Ripley) in developing a rewards and recognition procedure for the General Faculty.  Past President Frank Butros attended several meetings but turned responsibility over Lynda White as new chair.  Last year, it was the Council’s recommendation that we not support the rewards and recognition proposal because it aligned the General Faculty with Classified Staff rewards guidelines instead of with rewards/recognition for tenured faculty.  We also felt that the proposed rewards were not professional.  The current Council members reiterated our adamant opposition to the proposed rewards and recognitions program.


VIII.           Reports from Council Representatives on University Committees

a.  The Research Committee.  Donal Day talked about this University Committee whose basic role is to designate the Harrison Awards.  Donal was not the representative last year on this group.  He was nominated to return to the committee as the GenFac Council representative this year.  The vote was unanimous.

b.  Academic Affairs Committee.  No one was sure of the role of this committee--no past representative to the Academic Affairs Committee was at this meeting.  Lynda White will contact the new chair of the Faculty Senate and ask about this committee and other ways that the General Faculty council can communicate with the Senate.

c.  CCUG.  The Coordinating Council for University Groups meets three times a year to foster communication among representatives from all University committees.  Barbara Millar was the Council’s representative to this group.  It was agreed that she continue in that capacity.

d.  Benefits.  This committee meets once a month and is composed of representatives from all areas of the University.  Our representative to this committee was Carol Hunter and she agreed to continue representing us.  The Council has asked her to investigate rumors that Southern Health will not be providing dental coverage after January 1.


IX.         Committee Reports.  These subgroups were formed last year.

a.  Data Collection.  Jim Freeman reported on the meeting his committee had.  They had discussed a survey but decided that it would be better if General Faculty members were contacted informally before a survey of their perceived needs is taken.  Lynda White said that this Council was formed ten years ago after such a survey was taken of the General Faculty.  It seems important that another survey be done but, given the economic climate of the state and university, the committee recommended that it be preceded by an email introducing the General Faculty to the work of the Council.

b.  Policy.  [This report was deferred for lack of time.  The Council had been sent a brief update after the Committee’s meeting with the Provost in late June.]

c.  Communication.  Jann Balmer reported that her committee had accomplished the following:  a brochure had been submitted to the Provost’s office for distribution to all new General Faculty this fall in their welcome packet; our Website will have a general “back to school” welcome and have the text of the brochure as a PDF file; the committee will email via GF-Roster an informational message and a link to the Website to all General Faculty; we will post our events on the Master Events calendar of the University and in Inside UVa; we will send an executive summary of the minutes to GF-Roster each month; and we will attend the November 20 and April 15 Resource Fairs.  The committee proposed to the Council that we think about sponsoring quarterly GenFac Forums designed to give General Faculty opportunities to meet and discuss important issues with administrative people at the University.  A discussion followed this proposal. One suggestion was that the forums should be related to the mission of the University.  The discussion of this will continue.

d.  By-laws.  Phil Gates discussed his committee’s meeting where he was chosen chair.  They reviewed the by-laws for a proxy voter ruling (every member can send a proxy to a meeting in lieu of his/her attendance.  The proxy may also vote if the council member grants that right.  This should be done in writing before the meeting to the Council chair).  This year this committee will review the by-laws (must be done by spring) and they will examine representation as soon as we can get a list from the new the Oracle Human Resources database. It is scheduled to be available by Sept 26 but Lynda will see whether is it possible to get a list before that time.  The by-laws specify 18 members but the Council can decide the apportionment of the members.

e.  Elections.  The meeting was adjourned before we had a report from the Election Committee. [The Elections Committee will meet before the next Council meeting to devise a plan for this year.]


The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, 2002 in the Board Room (third floor) of Newcomb Hall.



Recorded by: Mary Abouzeid