August 13, 1996

Members Present:
Rob Walker Freer
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Douglas Hurd
Claire Kaplan

Members Absent:
Dearing Johns
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Virginia Germino
Jennie Moody

Also Present:
Suzanne Louis
Joyce Green-Pastors

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

The minutes from the June 11, 1996 meeting were reviewed, corrected and approved.
The following corrections should be noted:

Under Also Present: Suzanne "Lewis" should be corrected to read Suzanne "Louis;"

and under 2. Topic: Report on Reapportionment, "Robb" should be "Rob."

1. Announcements:

Doug Hurd announced that he had nominated GFC member, Virginia Germino, to serve on the University Benefits Committee. The GFC has a standing seat on the Benefits Committee and it was vacated when Jim Clack resigned his position from the University and General Faculty Council. All nominations have been submitted to the University President, but no final decisions have been made as of 8/12/96.

Claire Kaplan announced that the Women's Center will host an Open House to welcome all new University women. It will be held on August 27th in the upper level of Garden 8 at 5:00 pm.

Karen Grandage reported that she had been asked to supply the Provost's Office with copies of an "Information Sheet about the General Faculty Council" to be included in the orientation packets of new UVa faculty. The GFC has been asked to do this for the past 3 years, and it is an excellent way to inform new general faculty about the existence of this representative body.

2. Topic: Report on Reapportionment

Rob discussed his final efforts to even out the number of departments assigned to each GFC representative prior to the election of new representatives. Rob's final report was faxed out to all GFC members on June 18, 1996. The final report breaks out Engineering and Applied Sciences to be separate areas with their own GFC representatives.

In addition to establishing these two new areas of separate representation, the report also assigns the final numbers as follows to allow for a total of 18 General Faculty Council members:

Administration - 2 representatives
Athletics - 1 representative
College of Arts & Sciences - 3 representatives
Engineering - 1 representative
Hospital - 2 representatives
Libraries - 1 representative
Medical School - 4 representatives
Other - 3 representatives
Student Affairs - 1 representative

A motion was made by Claire Kaplan to accept Rob's reapportionment plan; it was seconded by Graham Grove; and accepted by all.

3. Topic: Report from the Elections Committee

Claire reported that nominations have been received for the vacant positions in Athletics and Student Affairs. She and Colleen are working on preparing the final ballot that will be sent.

Action: Ballots will be due back by September 9th to Karen Grandage.

In addition to filling these two vacancies, there are 9 other new or vacant positions that will need filling. These are for:

Engineering - 1 new position
Administration - 1 new position
Arts & Sciences - 1 new position
Hospital - 1 new position
Medical School - 1 new and 1 vacant position
Other Schools - 1 new position

Doug volunteered to help Claire and Colleen prepare for the call for nominations for these positions representing six different divisions.

Action: A call for nominations will go out by September 3rd, and will be due back to Karen Grandage by September 24th.

4. Topic: General Faculty Handbook & Policy Committee

Graham Grove brought up a discussion about renewing work by the Policy Committee to create a General Faculty Handbook that would group together all relevant policies for the General Faculty into one easy to use manual.

The Policy Committee was charged in the past with identifying all General Faculty policies that currently existed and bringing them together in one place. Suzanne Louis reported that Jane Penner had all the work that had been done by the Policy Committee to-date, and that they had gotten so far as to index the material. The decision in the past had been to utilize the World Wide Web for accessing these policies rather than printing copies.

Jennie Moody has already agreed to serve as the GFC member to direct the Policy Committee's work.

Action: Doug will ask Jennie to get in touch with past Policy Committee members to see if they wish to continue working on this project with Jennie. It was also decided that Doug would invite Jane Penner to attend the September meeting to brief the GFC on previous committee work.

5. Other Business:

It was brought to Karen Grandage's attention that the e-mail address on the General Faculty Information sheet was incorrect. It should be "gen-fac," not "genfac."

Action: She will correct this on the Web page.

6. Next Meeting: September 10, 1996, in Peabody 110, 1:30 -3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.