August 12, 1997

Members Present:
Donal Day
Elizabeth Fortune
Rob Walker Freer
Doug Hurd
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Claire Kaplan
Mary Smith

Members Absent:
Ronald Berube
Dennis DeSilvey
Thomas Dowd
Joyce Green Pastors
Martin Hoard
Gail McDaniel
Jennie Moody
Matthew Morris
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: 1997 Harrison Awards

Doug Hurd shared a copy of a memo about the "1997 Harrison Awards" that he received from Colette Capone's office. His understanding is that a copy of this memo was sent to all Deans, to the General Faculty Council and to the Faculty Senate. The Harrison Fund for Presidential Initiatives provides financial awards to recognize "uncommon excellence in the current accomplishments of members of the academic and general faculties" In 1997, the Fund will make five $10,000 awards to academic faculty and five $10,000 awards to general, administrative faculty. Nominations are due to the appropriate Vice-President by September 15. The awards will be announced in September.

ACTION: Doug said that he would contact Ms. Capone, and make a suggestion about giving a similar monetary award to classified staff, along the lines of the current "Outstanding Employee" award for classified personnel.

2. Topic: GFC Vacancy

Doug announced that Matthew Morris has accepted a job elsewhere, and as such, has resigned his seat on the General Faculty Council. There will need to be an election to fill the vacancy for the College of Arts and Sciences. Current GFC members in the College of Arts and Sciences will spread the word to try and locate interested nominees.

The discussion about elections led to a discussion about the current GFC ByLaws. There have been several suggestions over the past year for possible revisions to the ByLaws. Changes to the ByLaws must be voted on by all general faculty.

ACTION: The proposals to change the ByLaws will be included on the ballots that will go out next Spring to replace the 5 members who will be rotating off the Council in March.

3. Topic: Lunches for GFC Meetings Doug asked the question of whether the Council should continue to provide lunches for its members as part of the monthly meeting. There was general discussion about the history of the meeting times and lunches. The lunches are paid for out of the Council's budget provided by the University. Other than lunches, the only other expenses have been printing and mailing costs.

ACTION: Donal Day moved to change the GFC meeting time to 12:30 - 2:00 and continue lunches. Claire seconded the motion and all members voted to accept it. Doug indicated that he would need to hear from members before every meeting indicating if they wanted a lunch and their sandwich preference.

4. Topic: Council Representation Rob handed out an updated list of the general faculty represented by each Council member in their area. It was mentioned what a nice job Elizabeth Fortune had done in creating an email group of her constituents and her communiques to them. All GFC members were stongly urged to do something similar for their areas of representation.

ACTION: Elizabeth offerred to email a copy of her correspondence to her constituents to genfac for other GFC members to see what she had done.

5. Topic: Working Groups on Revising the University Policy on the General Faculty Three working groups have been established to study the "University Policy on the General Faculty" and make recommendations for its revision. Group 1 (Doug, Tom, Claire) will study the "Introduction" and "Qualifications" sections; Group 2 (Donal, Mary, Rob) will study "Rank and Title," "Initial Appointment," "Reappointments and Standards of Notice," and "Reassignments and Removals;" and Group 3 (Joyce, Elizabeth, Suzanne) will study the sections "Annual Evaluation and Salary Increase," "Service to the University," "Professional and Scholarly Activities."

Doug reported that he had received a memo from Lavinia Johns in Peter Low's office to schedule a meeting sometime in September with the Vice Presidents, Provost senior staff members, the General Counsel, Doug and the members of the GFC Working Group. According to Peter, the meeting will be an opportunity to solicit input and bring everyone up-to-date on what is happening with policy revisions.

6. Next Meeting: September 9, 1997, in Peabody 113, 12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.