University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Minutes: December 11 , 2001††† 12:00-1:30 PM,Room 389 Newcomb



Members Present: ††Mary Abouzeid, Jann Balmer, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Donal Day, James Freeman, Joe Gieck, Bill Keene,Aaron Laushway,Carol Hunter, Lotta Lofgren,Jan Redick,Lynda White


Members Absent:Rosie Dunn, Maurice Lipper, Barbara Millar, Ellie Wilson



The meeting was chaired by Frank Butros



1.     Minutes of the November 11, 2001 meeting were discussed.Lotta Lofgren has language to be added to these minutes.It was decided that the November minutes will be approved at the January 2002 meeting.


2.     Chairmanís Report:

Frank Butros reported that he had received a thank you note from Tom Gausvik for the Council's participation in the recent Faculty/Staff Resource Fair.


The issue of attendance at council meetings was raised and discussed.According to the by-laws, unexcused absence from more than three consecutive meetings can result in removal from the council.Frank Butros will speak with those individuals who fall in this category.


Frank Butros received a report from Maurice Lipper on a recent meeting of the Senate Research and Scholarship Committee.(Details of that report are given below with other committee reports.)


3.     Other business:

(A) Aaron Laushway reported on recent activities of the Student Affairs Subcommittee.The committee has been very active and a major current emphasis is on issues concerning graduate students at the University.The University of Virginia fairs poorly in the very competitive market for graduate students owing primarily topoor funding of graduate students compared to other institutions.(This inability to recruit the best graduate students results in a lower ranking of the University in general.)In addition to inadequate funding, there are other problems for graduate students at UVA which the committee is trying to address: these affect the quality of graduate student life at the University.††† For example, there is very little "common space" for graduate students.This problem is most pronounced for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.(North Grounds graduate students apparently have most of their needs met.)Finally, there is the issue of the type of graduate student and the contribution that student makes to the University.PhD students are considered to be "contributors" (they teach a lot, do research which helps fund grants, etc), but other graduate students (MBA's, MD's for example) are considered "consumers" and viewed as contributing little to support the University.

†††† Aaron also reported that the committee has been looking closely at how research versus teaching is considered in making dissertation year fellowship awards.It is felt that research must be emphasized and judged in making these awards.


(B) Carol Hunter reported on recent Benefits Committee activity.QualChoice has been renamed "Southern Health Services."There is now a new referral form for many services and it is a bit more complex.Level I coverage is not available without a referral using this form.For information, contact Anne Goodson (Human Resources).


(CFrank Butros read a report submitted by Maurice Lipper on the Senate Research and Scholarship Committee meeting of December 4, 2001.†† According to the report, the following items were discussed:

-        Harrison Award selections and amounts to be awarded to various applicants

-        Decision to move the symposium up to the Spring Term to allow 4th years to enter

-        Future funding of the award--the President had promised to find funding despite fiscal uncertainty.A brochure is being designed incorporating details of the award with an eye to obtaining donor support

-        Establishment of an Office for Undergraduate Research to coordinate activities related to future funding


(D) Bill Keene reported that there is nothing new with respect to Policy Committee activity, and still no further information from the Provost's Office regarding the Policy on the General Faculty.However,Anda Webb and Gene Blockare supposed to be dealing with issues specifically affecting Research Faculty.††† (Gene Block may be delayed in dealing with the Policy on the General Faculty, as he and Bob Sweeney are occupied in the in-depth 3-hour "Envision Meetings" with each school.)


4.     Goals and Objectives:

Frank Butros handed out a sheet on which each council member could select a topic he/she would be willing to work on.†† Discussion of these topics and how this would be applied followed.Frank will assess the response of the group and a working plan will be formulated.


5.     Other new business:

Joe Gieck pointed out an interesting result ofapplying the current rules for Reappointment and Notification: there are two football coaches who are being paid full wages. They are subject to reappointment by the University.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.



NEXT MEETING: January 8, 2002 .Exact time and location to be announced.


Submitted by: Jan Redick